Dungeon World/FATE Crossover

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Dungeon World/FATE Crossover
« on: March 01, 2013, 06:02:44 PM »
I have NOT playtested this yet, this was just an idle thought while at work. I was wondering what ya'll think of this:

Take the Aspects from FATE and combine them with the moves and dice mechanics of Apocalypse/Dungeon World and what do you have? A game composed of pure AWESOME.

Note #1: This system would replace the "Luck" mechanics found in Monster of the Week.

Note #2: I have neither played nor read Monsterhearts, and am uncertain if there are any mechanics in that game that may undermine this system.


Aspects are short phrases that indicate what is important about your character. Aspects are like custom moves, built from your own character’s backstory. 

Each character in any “Powered by the Apocalypse” game begin play with up to three Aspects. Aspects are derived the exact same way they are in FATE. During character creation, a player gets one Fate point per aspect (up to three).

New Special Move:

“Take Fate Into Your Own Hands”
When a character invokes an Aspect, he/she describes how the situation plays into one of his/her Aspects, spends a Fate point, marks experience and can do one of the following:
   -Take no damage, if the character was about to take damage;
   -Get a “hit” on the next move, as if the player rolled a “12”;
   -Make a GM, Monster, or Location move (following the established fiction, and subject to GM approval)

New GM Move: Tempt a Character’s Fate

A GM may invoke a character’s aspect to make the character fail a roll, as if he or she rolled a “2.” If the GM does this, the character earns a Fate point. The player may veto the GM’s compel by paying a Fate point.

If a player refuses, a GM may escalate the temptation by one Fate point. If the player refuses, he or she must spend a second Fate point to fight the temptation. If he or she does, the GM may may offer a third Fate point to make the character fail. If the player still refuses, he or she must spend a third Fate point. The escalation ends at three; if the player spends that many Fate points to avoid failure, then it’s time to move on!

Having a GM compel a character’s aspects is the ONLY way a player can earn Fate points. A player cannot compel his or her own aspects...however, a player can compel another character’s aspect and make that character fail his or her next roll. If the player vetoes this, the spent Fate point goes to the GM. If the player accepts this, the GM awards the Fate point (not the compelling player).

Fate Points and Aspects: an Example

Ed and his group are playing Dungeon World. Rob is playing Eregar, a Dwarf Warrior. Rob has written “Never Backs Down From a Fight” as an Aspect.

In a battle, an ogre swings his club down directly onto Eregar’s head. Rob doesn’t want to take any damage from the hit, but isn’t trusting his abysmal Dexterity to dodge out of the way, and none of his friends are nearby to help. So, nothing to lose, Rob asks if he can use his Aspect here to do the “Take Fate Into Your Own Hands” move. The GM says “sure; how do you use your Aspect?” Rob says that Eregar doesn’t move out of the way of the massive swing, but instead stands right up to the ogre and says “You think that scares me, ye wee beastie?”

After the group stops laughing and applauding, the GM agrees that’s an excellent invocation of Rob’s “Never Back Down From a Fight” aspect, and allows the move. Rob spends a Fate point, marks experience, and takes no damage from the hit. The GM even throws in a little bonus, declaring that the ogre’s club splinters into pieces when it hits the dwarf’s hard head!

Later on, the PCs are carousing at the local tavern, and Eregar is regaling the wenches of his heroic battle with the ogre. A fellow dwarf spits on the floor and says “Eh? You don’t look so tough to me.” The GM decides to do a Tempt Fate move on Eregar. He offers Rob a Fate point if Eregar plays into his “Never Backs Down From a Fight” Aspect to challenge the dwarf patron. Rob agrees, takes the Fate point, and declares that Eregar throws a punch immediately at the dwarf. A brawl ensues!
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Re: Dungeon World/FATE Crossover
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2013, 07:57:08 PM »
Interesting idea. At first I thought you were going to replace the Stats with Aspects, but this looks like a addition to the core game.

I'm getting Fate Core, but have never played it. Is the only way to use Fate to defy the GM/MC?

Interested in how this interacts with moves and whether it would draw you out of the fiction.

Re: Dungeon World/FATE Crossover
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2013, 12:22:03 PM »
New to the forum (and game), read it for first time over past few days.

I don't have a specific response, but I really picked up some of FATE's sensibilities within the game already. Perhaps some Aspects would be served as compendium classes or custom moves that can be picked up over time.

Another idea would be Aspects function like bonds/alignments.

Going more along your ideas, Drez, maybe Aspects invite a player to create both an alignment-element AND custom moves.

I'm less thrilled, personally, with using Fate points and mechanics more directly, because it seems it'd cause some tension with the mechanics of moves.

Re: Dungeon World/FATE Crossover
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2013, 04:31:07 AM »
Sounds like it could be fine crossover.  Really, FATE points are just another kind of hold.