Artillerist Class (first draft)

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Artillerist Class (first draft)
« on: February 24, 2013, 05:18:58 PM »
I love me some fantasy firearms. The Artillerist is a mixture of the Hunter/Engineer from WoW, fantasy alchemist, and any given Clint Eastwood Character.

I'm not 100% solid on some of the advanced moves.  Any feedback is appreciated!

Artillerist on Google Docs

Artillerist on my blog

Re: Artillerist Class (first draft)
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The gunslinger penalty is pretty nasty - it knocks you to 3 average damage with hack-and-slash, behind the Cleric and Bard, and the Dedicated version gives you lower damage than the Wizard.  I understand wanting lower damage for hack and slash than for volley, but that seems a bit excessive.  I'd probably go with d6 damage and then add a line to the gun saying that your damage is d10 while using it, and leave the penalty off Gunslinger.

Armor-piercing rounds should indicate that it's optional and Da Bomb should note that you can't spend ammo if the volley comes up 7-9.  The other interpretation would be dumb, but you should write it down anyway.

Re: Artillerist Class (first draft)
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Those are all good ideas. I'm sure there a couple places besides AP Rounds and Da' Bomb that need the syntax cleaned up a bit.

The Gunslinger moves were a couple that I was concerned about. I think I like your solution. That way the Artillerist just gets better without making anything worse. Just saying "You do 1d10 with the gun" hadn't occurred to me.

Re: Artillerist Class (first draft)
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the increased gun damage could be either a starting move, in which case a diligent multi-classer can take it... or perhaps it's just their damage dice. While every other class does d6 or d10 or whatever, the Gunslinger does "D6 (+d4 with a gun)" or similar.

Re: Artillerist Class (first draft)
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Thanks for the input, gang. I've made some changes to the class based on the feedback here and the DW Tavern on Google+

*I changed the Gnome racial.

*Class damage is now 1d6. The "Gunslinger" starting move lets him do 1d10 with his gun.

*"Gunslinger" and "Dedicated Gunslinger" have become "Deadeye" and "One Shot One Kill." These boost Volley damage (including bows and stuff) and doesn't mess with Hack and Slash damage.

*I reworked "Da' Bomb" and "Big Badda Boom" a bit, reducing their damage slightly from (b[2d10] and 2[bd10]+6 ignores armor) to (1d10 and b[2d10] ignores armor). I could be convinced to switch it back.

I also put this in with Da'Bomb:
If you roll a 7-9 on a volley with a bomb, choosing the “You have to take several shots...” option indicates that one of your bombs was a useless dud.
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