HP w/ leveling up; goblin/mob rules

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HP w/ leveling up; goblin/mob rules
« on: February 08, 2013, 01:31:04 PM »
I don't know if I read this in an older version of the game or if I'm thinking of a forum post, but I can't find this in the Dungeon World PDF now.  If anyone can help me w/ page #s I'd appreciate it or if it's just no longer part of the game, let me know.

1) When going up a level, I thought you roll 2d6.  7-9 you gain 1hp + con modifier, 10-12 2hp+ con modifier.  Can't remember if there was a difference in classes also.  Can't remember if the 2d6 roll itself got a Con modifier bonus?

2) When fighting 3-4 goblins or similar, I thought there was a conversion or formula to turn it into one beastie as far as the stats go?  I saw the effect on damage (fighting vs. 4 goblins would mean d6+3 damage on a 7-9 hack slash), but can't find out what to do w/ HPs?




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Re: HP w/ leveling up; goblin/mob rules
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HP no longer increases with level, only if your Constitution changes.

There are group damage rules for when monsters deal damage in concert. They don't act as one monster, it's just a way to reflect an orchestrated mass attack.

Re: HP w/ leveling up; goblin/mob rules
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Thanks.  Just so I'm clear, if a Fighter is against 3 goblins and does 9pts. of damage, it just effects 1 goblin using rules as written? 

The reason I was asking was in the podcast by roosackgamers, they were battling a swarm of Goblins, and each time the PCs took one Goblin out, another filled in.  Do you have any advice on managing this situation without getting into a bunch of notes on each individual goblin?  My concern is that eventually w/ enough rolls, they'd hit 7-9s to whittle their HPs down.

I suppose it could be a hint for them to retreat?

Re: HP w/ leveling up; goblin/mob rules
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It really depends on what's happening. If the Bob The Fighter says, "Gods damn it, I'm sick of the little bastards! I swing my sword in a wide arc to take out as many of them as I can," well, then I'd say his attack is going to hit more than a few of them with that 9 damage, at least as many as are in front of him. On the other hand, if I say to him first, "So Bob, you're enjoying being in the middle of this fray, but looks like while the rest of them are just plain harrying you, the tattooed one on your left has a sharp knife dripping with poison jabbing toward your kidney. You like your kidney, right?" and he says "Well to hell with him! Sword, head," well, then I say his damage effects just the one. Start and end with the fiction there.

The bigger and more subtle part of what I'm saying there is that I don't think it's enough for Bob to just say, "I attack the goblins! *rolls dice*," because saying that doesn't give me enough information to say who or what's going to take the damage, outside of "goblins". If I ask him, "Cool, how," and he says, "Screw it, I don't care, I'm just swinging like mad," well, then I know. Just make sure to get enough of an answer that you can all be clear on what's happening so that the result isn't weird.