Tank vs. Tank

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Tank vs. Tank
« on: February 08, 2013, 12:13:14 AM »
Tonight we were playing WWII regiment (2.1).  Our infantry platoon was being supported by a Sherman tank, under the instructions of our Officer player.  At one point, we squared off against a Panzer IV, and the anti-vehicle weapons were duly consulted.

It seems that medium tanks can't hurt one another on the front armor.  7d AP against armor 8 seems destined to do no damage.  We struggled with this for a while until deciding that some tank fire might be concentrated.

I'm not sure how a single-shot weapon becomes concentrated, I think it may have to do with aiming time.  (e.g. if you're hull down and stationary and a guy comes through a narrow defile, you'd be shooting concentrated).

Curious how this is usually handled.  (Maybe it's not, being an NPC-on-NPC action?)

Re: Tank vs. Tank
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The tank stats stem from an armored supplement I started writing awhile back. That and the corresponding tank stats haven't been updated in ages. Thanks for pointing out that the numbers probably need revision.

To your question, I see three basic options. 1. npc v npc is the GM's purview, so the GM can decide to escalate or de-escalate tension to push the story along. No dice needed. 2. In you example, a player could roll for the NPCs they are fighting alongside. See the move NPC Action. 3. If it seems like you're making an engagement move, do that instead.

Re: Tank vs. Tank
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Thanks, Paul.