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Star Wars Hack AP
« on: October 27, 2012, 10:06:47 PM »
I can't seem to find the thread where the files were posted for the Star Wars hack but I wanted to share a short AP from today. I played with my best friend and his dad (an oppertunity I have only a few times per year) and I decided to give this hack a shake out. Joe chose the Jedi Guardian and Eric took the Ace with a gunship and a transport so that they had two ships to deal with rather than a small fleet. It only took half an hour to get through character creation and rules explanation. We decides that we were in the late KotOR time period, two strong capitols and a long DMZ. Our heroes were smugglers along the boarder running illicit metal out of the Empire, illicit media out of the Republic and humanitarian supplies into the DMZ. They were on the run from an Imperial Admiral and a Jedi Master. They were in debt to a Hutt gangster but one last run would fix that. On the way back to the DMZ they did battle with the Jedi Master and ended up using the water they were transporting to freeze him to keep him from cutting his way into the bridge of one of the ships. One of the Jedi's escort ships managed to escape the battle.

When they landed they duscovered the Jedi missing and their ships in need of serious repair. Their one last run turned into a pretty big liability so it was back to the Hutt to see what they could do for him to make the money they needed. The Hutt needed a large load of high quality, liquid suspended spice delivered to a system right over the Republic boarder. Though they would rather wait for things to calm down before they headed back they went. They trades the spice for a load of media and half the credits they needed. As they were making their way out of the system they got a news report about terrorist attacks using liquid suspended explosives.

They crossed into Empire space hours before an invasion army from the Republic. As their load of illicit media is being unloaded battle starts overhead. Rather than loading up with humanitarian supplies they loaded up with refugees. The prices they paid was half again what the pair owed the Hutt and so as soon as they unloaded their passengers they went to pay their debt. The Hutt graciously accepted their payment and then revealed that the Jedi Master had paid him to deliver the Jedi Guardian to him. Joe's Guardian gave himself up but escaped, during the escape a shot from nowhere killed the Master.

That was where we left it. War has broken out and the PCs may have had a hand in starting it. Two of the three biggest threats have been neutralized but questions are everywhere. Who killed the Master, did the Hutt know his spice was really laced with explosives? Who paid to have him deliver it? Why was the Jedi Council searching so hard for one lost Jedi? All in all a really great session and we will probably be playing again soon!

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Thanks so much for posting this JB. It feels so good to have someone try my hack and seemingly enjoy it. It sounds like a really cool session was had, I especially like the use of the Hutt and his games and manipulations, very cool stuff. I can't wait to hear more about it as you have a chance to play it again. And of course, feel free to add any comments or feedback you get.

Also, here's the link to the latest playtest documents. They aren't as pretty as the previous set of playbooks but they're a lot easier to manage. :)

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Here's the latest link for the most recent version of the playbooks. Thanks!

Also, I've tried your DW adventure. It was real fun, thanks for putting that together!

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Oh thanks! We might be contenuing this adventure this Christmas so those will be helpful. Which adventure did you play?

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I forget the name, my MC could tell you of course. It was the one with the sarcaphagus in a room with 4 walkways to it in the center. And all sorts of pillars of air that carried you to other areas of the dungeon. Our MC wrote up a re-cap of it on Google+ I believe.

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Hey, is this the right place to talk about what we think of the hack itself, or does it have its own thread that I haven't seen?
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I have a thread in the main forum where you can post thoughts and the like. Here is the link. Thank you.

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Since I can't edit comments above, here is the latest version of the game file. :)