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Hi guys,

Newbie here.

First of all, I've had a couple of games using AW system (Monsterhearts mostly, but recently a friend has made himself a hack that combines the AW system with Fate) and it is awesome. Great job. It actually does what it is supposed to do (unlike other system I can name. *cough*WW*cough*).

I seem to find that given that the GM doesn't prep anything beforehand s/he tends to ask for ideas from the players in making fronts/NPCs anyway and during the game his/her role is more or less just responding to player's moves or making a GM move, so I am thinking about a GM-less game where the other players who are not on the spot for that scene/moment in time do that instead. Has anyone tried that? What are/would be the problems?

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Have you seen this thread?

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Should've done a search first. -smacks forehead- D'oh.

Interesting that one of the principles is "share graciously" which works because AW fronts are not mysteries/backstory intensive. I do wonder what happens when mysteries (like the cause of the apocalypse) do come up, though theoretically if players are careful they should be able to keep the story coherent.