Help with ghost and interaction

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Help with ghost and interaction
« on: January 01, 2013, 09:56:25 PM »
So, a few weeks ago now we had our season ender in our MH campaign. My character the Ghoul ended up going Darkest Self at the worst possible time and attacking her little sister, and killing my boyfriends best (and only) friend. Despite the fact that the Werewolf (my boyfriend) was supposed to keep me in check if things got out of hand. In the post feeding frenzy remorse she went and hit rock bottom and committed suicide. To free herself of this "curse" and no longer be a threat to those she loves.

The bad part is that it didn't work. The magic binding her to this world was too strong and now she's a ghost. The problem is that since we are going to continue in the same town and same school. We figured that her just showing up and acting like nothing happened is sorta out of the question. What with, people knowing her and while her suicide happened at the tail end of a whole slew of murders and "unfortunate" deaths people know she's dead. So instead we are going the Being Human route of being invisible.

My question is, how has this worked for other people who did something similar? Did you just go invisible to normals while supernaturals can see and interact with you? or did you go all out? If you did how long did you go (or suggest) before you could interact with normals/other characters? Did you you encounter problems, can you offer some tips or advice to avoid issues that cropped up in your play throughs?

Personally I'd like to play up the frustration and angst angle of seeing people but not being seen or able interact with them. But at the same time I don't want to jack myself out of good RP time doing something that sounds neat in theory but is bad in practice.

Re: Help with ghost and interaction
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Mechanically speaking, why not just start your ghost as her Darkest Self? That is pretty much what you have described anyway. Maybe once her sister or her boyfriend expresses regret at her death, or forgives her, she will be able to interact again. Or maybe she has to forgive herself for her suicide and the tragedy she has caused.

Run with it for a session or so to play up the angst, but then come back. The Ghost's Darkest Self is a great and completely appropriate gimmick, but I agree that over multiple sessions wouldn't be fun. In the meantime, go and spy on all of your friends and enemies, trying in vain to get them to notice you while you witness their secrets. Maybe someone you once knew has a touch of the spooky and can see ghosts? Bonus points if they are someone you were constantly at odds with, so now you have to win them over to your side before they will help you.

As far as the long term interaction with the town goes, maybe the supernatural "rules" of your setting could allow for ghosts to alter their appearance with their ectoplasm or something? (For better spookery, of course.) She can be the new girl in school who looks sooo familiar, yet nobody can quite put their finger on it despite the fact that she has the same first name as one of the girls who died in that awful thing last month. What was her last name again? Oh, I don't know. I have trouble remembering. Must not have been too special, then...

Re: Help with ghost and interaction
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It hadn't even occurred to me to start out the season in Darkest Self. Thank you very much. You are a gentleman and a scholar good sir.

In addition over the last week I've been watching ghost movies and shows just to get the creative juices flowing. If you haven't yet American Horror Story is an excellent source of inspiration. A tad disjointed at times but interesting.