Critique my spell list [Technician class]

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Critique my spell list [Technician class]
« on: January 02, 2013, 06:17:35 PM »
So I decided to try converting some of my World of Algol ideas to Dungeon World, and it's given me some good new ideas. Anyway, I made a new class, the Technician, which is supposed to replace the Cleric in godless planetary science fantasy setting (like Planet Algol) where clerics aren't really appropriate.

The Technician has operations instead of spells, and prepares them in machines instead of memorizing them, but it's pretty similar. She has some operations "mastered" but the workspace move lets her prepare any operation (it just takes days instead of an hour).

I'm not sure if this spell list is balanced with the cleric and wizard spell lists, or if any of these spells are overpowered or total lemons and whatnot, but here they are:

Automatic Operations

One of your machines emits light, of whatever color you desire. It gives off no heat or sound. This operation lasts as long as the machine is in your presence or as long as the person you give it to holds it.

One of your machines creates noise, either loud or quiet, dissonant or pleasant, your choice. The noise cannot mimic another sound, but if you have any other operations prepared, you can use that machine to speak through this one, wherever it is. This operation lasts until you stop using it.

1st Level Operations

Capture Sound
level 1 ongoing
When you run this operation you record sounds, which are permanently stored in your machines so you can play them back again at any later time. While this machine is recording you take -1 to operate machines.

Destroy Sound   
level 1 ongoing
Your machine dampen the sound around you, or whoever holds it, and creates a zone of silence. While this operation is ongoing, you take -1 to operate machines.

First Aid
level 1
Your machine binds wounds and relieves pain. Heal an ally it touches of 1d8 damage.

Laser Beam
level 1
Your machine projects a beam of energy (near, far, 1 piercing, +1 damage) at one target of your choosing.

level 1
You can instantly repair one inanimate object that is not magical or mechanical, or heal a robot of 1d8 damage.

Purify Matter
level 1
Your machine purifies any food, water, or other matter with nutrients you put in or on it, so that they can be consumed by human beings.

level 1
Walk a perimeter or room as you run this operation. Until you prepare your operations again, your machine is alerted whenever anyone breaches this perimeter or enters this room. At your option, an alarm rings out within the room or perimeter.

Universal Translator
level 1 ongoing
While your machine translates, you can communicate with any other living creature in your presence. You can only communicate in one “language” at a time, but you can switch back and forth between communication modes. While this operation is ongoing, you take -1 to operate machines.

3rd Level Operations

Auto-Immune System Boost
level 3
Your machine stimulates the natural healing powers of an organism. Heal an ally it touches of 2d8 damage.

Fabricate Nutrients
level 3
Your machine reconstitutes inert matter into one day’s worth of nutritional fuel for as many people or machines as you have levels.

level 3
Choose a magical or psychic effect that links multiple people or objects together in some way, or any kind of technological effect, in your presence: this spell jams that communication or technological device so that it no longer works. Lesser effects are destroyed, powerful magic and psychic effects will only be dampened, as will properly shielded machines.

Locate Object
level 3
Name a specific object or a type of object. Your machine will indicate which direction it is in, and where it is exactly if it is within walking distance. If you name a type of object, your machine will show you the nearest one.

Minor Mechanical Repair
level 3
You can instantly repair a small computer, engine, or other machine that does not think, or heal a robot of 2d8 damage.

Neutralize Organic Process
level 3
Choose an organic substance in your presence: its effect is neutralized. You can neutralize acids, chemicals, drugs, poisons, webs, or even parasitic relationships.

Probability Calculation
level 3
Pose a course of action or an objective to your machine and it will run the probabilities. The GM will give you advice on how to best achieve success. Take +1 forward when you act on this information.

5th Level Operations

Build Robot
level 5 ongoing
One of your machines transforms into a robot. Treat it as your character, but with access to only the basic moves. It has a +1 modifier for all stats, 1 HP, and uses your damage dice. The robot also gets your choice of 1d6 of these traits:
·   It does 1d10 damage
·   It has +2 instead of +1 for one stat
·   It has some useful functionality
·   It is sturdy and strong: +2 HP for each level you have
·   It’s not single-minded
Describe the shape of your robot based on the traits you select. The robot functions until it is destroyed or you shut it back down. While this robot is functioning, you take -1 to operate machines.

Contact Person
level 5
You send a mental link to another place or person. Specify who or what you’d like to contact by location, name, or object. You open a two-way communication with them or whoever is there. Your communication can be cut off at any time by you or whomever you have contacted.

Environmental Protection
level 5 ongoing
While you run this operation, your machine surrounds and protects you from the environmental hazard of your choice: resist fire, breathe underwater, etc. While this operation is ongoing, you take -1 to operate machines.

Locational Tracking Sensors
level 5
Name a location on the planet. You find out where it is and exactly how to get there from your present location, along with alternate routes and full details of how to make the journey.

Major Mechanical Repair
level 5
You can instantly repair any large machine, including thinking machines, or heal a robot of 3d8 damage.

Non-Invasive Surgery
level 5
You machine re-knits flesh and bone to make a body whole again. Heal an ally it touches of 3d8 damage.

7th Level Operations

Death Ray
level 7
Divide 5d6 between two or more targets that you can see, no less than one die each. They take that much damage, ignoring armor. You can target inanimate objects.

Perfect Mechanical Mastery
level 7
You can destroy, modify, repair or sabotage any machine.

level 7
Your machine reverses a crippling wound by growing and implanting new flesh. This operation restores one limb or sense of an ally to fully functional capability.

Star Gate
level 7
You open a gateway to another dimension or plane of existence. You can pass through this gate, either entering this other location or passing through it to get to another place in your present dimension. You can bring a number of others with you equal to your level, if they are willing, or you can send one target of your choice that you touch through, by themselves.

The Forge of Creation   
level 7
Describe any kind of organic life form or robot you can think of—this is what you create. It cannot be fundamentally divine or arcane in nature, though it can have magical abilities. It can have any level of intelligence, up to and including peak human capabilities. Its size is limited only by the space you have to work in. You do not automatically have control over it.

9th Level Operations

Cloaking Device
level 9 ongoing
Choose a location, up to the size of a city. That location disappears from the view of outsiders, who can no longer find it without your authorization. Anyone who leaves a cloaked location also cannot find their way back to it without authorization. While this operation is ongoing, you take -1 to operate machines.

Digital Self-Projection
level 9 ongoing
Your machine projects a digital copy of your body into the astral plane, where you can meet nearly any kind of divine spirit. You cannot bring mundane objects with you, only magical items and your own machines. An electrical current connects your digital copy to your physical body, which is immobile while your copy roams the stars. While this operation is ongoing and you are in the astral plane, you do not suffer a penalty to operate machines.

level 9 ongoing
You put a machine upon the ground and its vibrations spread, causing the earth to shake and tear asunder for miles around. While this operation is ongoing, you take -1 to operate machines.

level 9
If you have access to a person’s body or corpse (or a piece of it), you can regrow or restore their body to the prime of its youth and, if needed, call their soul back to inhabit it. They will be strangely marked by the experience (the GM will say how), but otherwise young and alive again.

Re: Critique my spell list [Technician class]
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2013, 06:59:43 PM »
Interesting concept, certainly. I'd say your spell list offers interesting possibilities but might be a bit fragmented. For example, Capture Sound, Destroy Sound and Noise all seem to want to do the same thing; sound manipulation. Perhaps a single level 1 spell:
"Choose up to 2 of the following list. The Machine:
  • Eradicates sound. Creates zone of silence. Does not impede other functions of this machine (Record sound, Play sound).
  • Records sound. Remembers any sound or voice it hears.
  • Plays sound. Either a generic sound or a pre-recorded sound.

A couple of new Automatic Operations might be in order (3 seems to be the norm) 'Purify Matter' is a good candidate; as its equivalent Cleric level-0 spell also makes the food/water Holy. Perhaps a mechanical version of the Wizard's 'Unseen Servant' for the third?

All in all, good stuff.

Re: Critique my spell list [Technician class]
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2013, 08:31:47 PM »
Yeah, good points. The sound stuff does seem pretty fractured now that you mention it.

I was kinda thinking Purify Matter would also neutralize poisons, which the cleric move doesn't do, and function as a "create food" spell, so I put it at level 1, but I've already got Neutralize Organic Process, so maybe it's better off as a clone of Sanctify.

Maybe a magnetism/tractor beam automatic operation to pull objects into your hand a la the jedi trick?