Weird armor suit

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Weird armor suit
« on: December 14, 2012, 10:18:26 AM »
Here's something I need for our AW game. I would appreciate any feedback, and hope to get back later with some AP experiences.

Weird armor suit stands about 3 m or 10 ft tall. It provides 2-armor, hits for 2-harm messy and walks about 2 times as fast as a normal human. Suits in our game look like a mongrel assembly of whatever mechanical parts you can imagine, but there's no reason why one of them could not be a pristine sample of manga coolness, preserved in this weird pale storage jelly.

If you try to understand and control the weird walking machine, roll+Smart/Cool/Weird, depending on how you describe the attempt, MC call. In our game there will be about 2-3 of the suits, so I will probably require a different approach for each.

On a 10+, you get it up and running. If you rolled Smart, it is like a mecha, cockpit and joysticks and targets and responding to body movements. If you rolled Cool, it is like a dog, eager to please and responding to voice commands, from inside or outside the cockpit, in its very personal way. If you rolled Weird, you get a mystical telepathic connection to the machine, and it will act like the extension of your body, no matter how far you are from it.

On a 7-9, same as above, except you also get to choose one:
- it will cause 2-harm right now
- it will malfunction in a spectacular way at some later point, MC call
- it will only work for someone else in your group
- it proves to be a piece of junk, incapable of movement and likely to stay that way

In use, whenever you need to roll for something that uses the suit in some way, on a 7-9 result the MC is encouraged to replace the regular consequences with the suit revealing one of its extra capabilities. Probably seizing something by force would count as using the suit, but maybe reading a person would not - unless you are already using the extra sensors.

Some of the extra capabilities could be:
- enhanced spectrum vision
- very sensitive audio pick-ups
- running double fast
- leaping an inprobable distance
- levitating
- slug thrower for 4-harm
- weird gun for totally random effects
- metal tentacles for climbing cliff faces or entangling people
- force field for 4-armor
- phasing through solid objects
- heating up fast, boiling any reasonable amount of surrounding water or ice
- cooling down, freezing anything touching it
- cannibalizing anything technical for self-healing

In our game, all of the above will be sort of secret to start with, to let the players have the fun of discovery.



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Re: Weird armor suit
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2012, 11:03:02 AM »
Have you looked at the Juggernaut playbook at all?

PM me with email and I'll send you a copy.
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Re: Weird armor suit
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Haven't. Thanks, I will.