Looking for advice on my campaign

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Looking for advice on my campaign
« on: November 29, 2012, 03:46:58 PM »
I was hoping you guys might help me flesh out my campaign ideas, as well as thoughts on my first adventure. I'm still reading the DW manual over and over, but I've found "unlearning" other RPGs is more difficult than anticipated. So maybe you can help me make my world a great Dungeon World.

So here's what I'm thinking...

The "campaign": The PCs are gathered together by Azzara, uncle and advisor to the King. Azzara tells the PCs that he is concerned about a shadowy organization called "The Covenant" that is growing in power and influence, and is wielding that power to undermine and overthrow the King. He explains that he has been watching the PCs for some time, and is impressed with their skills and prowess. He wants to recruit them as sort of a "black ops" team, whom he can send on "missions" to collect intel, artifacts, etc., from The Covenant, or to assassinate their leadership, destroy their strongholds - wherever adventure takes us. He also tells them that this group is very secret - not even the King will be made aware of their efforts, and if any of the PCs are captured - even by the Kings Guard - they will be disavowed. Finally, in order to make it cliche, it turns out that Azzara is trying to gain his OWN power and influence in order to take the throne (the whole "it should be mine!" thing).

The first adventure: There is a harvest festival going on outside of town, and all the PCs have decided to go (on their own? with loved ones?) to have a good time - you know, to take a break from adventuring. Whilst munching on their turkey leg and watching a juggler, *suddenly* goblins rush in and start killing people! The meager guards are overwhelmed and it's up to the PCs to stop them.

After they've killed some goblins and broken in their Moves, the remaining goblins retreat into the hills. Hopefully, the PCs will be motivated in some way to follow them. Once they do, they find a cave, and delve in - finding traps, goblins, adventure, etc along the way.

When they've cleared the cave and leave, they meet Azzara who was riding in with some Kings Guard. Azzara decides now is the time to approach them about an offer...

I funno, too much? Too little? I'm trying my best to leave gaps so that the players can lead the story, but I also want to have a good "base" so I know where I'm going.

How do I put that in a format that works, IE - what are the right questions and fronts and grim portents? What have I not yet thought of?