PC vs PC combat

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PC vs PC combat
« on: November 29, 2012, 05:05:20 AM »
How do you handle PC vs PC combat? Let's say there's a huge royal tournament for heaps of gold and two of the PC fighters end up in the finale.

Re: PC vs PC combat
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As I broke this off from another thread, I'll paste the two replies that I got:

As for pvp, I'm out of my element there. My players never fought each other. I've always kinda thought pvp was weird with the apocalypse engine, but other people have had great experiences so I'll let them handle it.

When doing PvP in *World games, in my experience you need both GM and players who go with fiction first, as in, fiction before everything else. No-one involved can, like, push their right to a move in any given moment. And everyone needs to accept that sometimes there's a GM judgement thing going on and they need to respect the GM's judgement.

Essentially, all players should have experience with successfully MCing a *World game. I might be exaggerating, but not much.

If one doesn't have this, I don't think PvP will work out very well. My experience is limited, though.

Re: PC vs PC combat
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In my table, that's how it goes:

The player with the 'action' (on the spot) says what he wants to do. When there is an attack, it's rolled normally. On a 6-, he is attacked, on a 7 to 9, he causes and receives damage, and on a 10+, he just causes damage. The other player may opt to cause damage or do other thing (like running, grabbing, desarming).

When he finishes his action, the attacked one may act. Basically, that's it.

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Ah, I think that pretty much works. Thanks!

If anyone handles it differently, please let us know. =)

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at the end of this AP I narrate how pvp is done. Give it a read at the couple last paragraphs