Don't understand the damage...

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Don't understand the damage...
« on: November 28, 2012, 04:06:18 PM »

I'm not quite getting the damage rules.

How does the 3d damage of a carbine relate to the for table?
Will I do stress damage ( direct fire?) or do I roll 3d6 and sum it and do that much stress?

Re: Don't understand the damage...
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Let's say you shoot at someone using your carbine.  You're at close range (the optimal range for the carbine) and there's no cover or concealment for your target.

The carbine's damage is 3d.  The GM decides if your volume of fire is Incidental, Direct, or Concentrated fire.

(Incidental would be the case if you're suppressed, taking a quick snap shot without properly aiming, running, etc.  Concentrated is if you're really sending a hail of fire in their direction - such as via the Autofire tag, if you have friends shooting along with you, or perhaps if there's really no way to avoid you, like they're trapped in a narrow alleyway that you have clear line of sight into.)

Let's say the GM decides the volume of fire is Direct.  You roll your three dice and get (say) 2, 4 and 6.  Looking across the middle (Direct) row of the damage table, this produces S, W and W.  Your target takes one Stress and two Wounds.

Re: Don't understand the damage...
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Ahh, thank you, much clearer now.
There should be an example, as the 2.0 rules don't make this so clear.