AP: Indigo Galleon (part I)

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AP: Indigo Galleon (part I)
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I ran my first DW session last night with 5 players. It was everything I hoped for!

- halfling thief (con-artist and swindler)
- human fighter (barbarian mercenary)
- half-elf druid (of the river delta)
- elf bard (singer and bohemian)
- human wizard (science-crazed hermit)

- what were you guarding in the cargo holds?
- (all) what item of gear did you leave back at port?
- (all) what item have you lost in the shipwreck?
- why didn't you try to save the Coxswain when you saw him being swept overboard?
- how badly injured were you in the shipwreck?
- how are you going to repay your debt to Asham "The Cutter" now that your job has failed?

- I didn't like the default starting, so I shipwrecked the player's small craft in the storm, leaving them to be rescued and tended by the fishermen
- a village boy also brings an injured Captain-Senator Balbus and Mabaya, his giant black shaman-bodyguard who is under a sorcerous "life-oath" to the Captain (he wears an enchanted silver collar to enforce servitude, although they have become as close as brothers over their many years together)
- Codcliffe is beyond the reach of the Empire, and they fear any "Imperial entanglements", but they are fishermen, not bounty hunters
- Mabaya sends an osprey as a messenger back to Port Blackstone with word of their situation
- the PCs need to get coin to repay Asham "The Cutter" back home, and Balbus assures them of some reward off of the Relentless if they bring back Mr. Hobart - alive!
- the village boy begins to vomit uncontrollably and breaks out in boils; Mabaya casts a sinister, knowing glare at the PCs and assures them that he can help the child, once they return with the villain (I thought that polymorphing into chickens was too ridiculous)

- the storm is picking up again, and the PCs head to their own shipwreck (completely destroyed) to try and salvage their precious (stolen) cargo of golden artifacts from the temple of the Indigo Tribes (inland)
- the druid ("river delta") shapeshifts into an otter and heads out a few hundred yards to the rocky reef, and then dives deep to the broken hull; she is attacked by a swarm of octopus but manages to escape; there is no (easy) hope of recovering those treasures
- the party continues to the tidal flats and sees the Relentless being tossed amid the incoming tide (and riptides); they also see an abandoned village (the fishermen said this village was abandoned when the nearby iron mine was tapped out, and the few lingering folk turned to worship of an octopus demon)

- the storm is rolling in with the tide, whipping their hair and throwing sand; occasional lighting strikes blast a jutting cliff overlooking the tidal flats
- exploring the ruins for signs of recent activity, a roof collapses, but the fighter throws the bard to safety and is pinned (briefly)
- big rain drops begin to fall and the party heads for the mine, and find a smoldering firepit near the entrance (the lookout went to warn his companions)
- the halfling thief scouts ahead into the torchlight chamber, but is spotted - he darts back into the tunnel and hides behind some debris
- the party ventures down the tunnel to meet the ruffians (thief remains hidden); the bard attempts to be charming, and asks "whom do you serve?" (answer: we were Mr. Hobarts marauders - now Pete is charge); but the ruffians get to turn it around and they ask the same question... the PCs reply that they serve (currently) Captain-Senator Balbus!

- blades and bows are drawn and the action kicks off
- we get fist smashes, magic missiles, axe blows, volleys of arrows, leaping into pits (and missing the chain), and several ruffians flee down the other passage
- the party lick their wounds, but the Wizard's healing spell (dripping acid from his hands that sizzles and sutures the wound) gets completely out of control until fountains of acid are flowing from his palm and corroding the floor of the mine! the whole place begins to collapse!
(somehow the party found out that the ruffians are trying to rescue Mr. Hobart)
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Re: AP: Indigo Galleon (part I)
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Hey timmyd--

Thanks for posting this AP.  It's always cool to see how Indigo mutates in the hands of other GMs.  :)

And that healing spell is super metal.

Re: AP: Indigo Galleon (part I)
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I'll update again next weekend after the party continues the adventure.

My initial feedback though... the adventure, as written, lacks the attention grabbing "drop your players into the action" hook

Re: AP: Indigo Galleon (part I)
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The intention is that the chicken polymorphing is the hook. 

It may seem silly on the surface, but I chose that hook carefully.  It had to accomplish a lot of things:

a) the Imperials need to demonstrate their substantial (but not limitless) magical power.
b) the Imperials need to gain some leverage over the villagers.  The chickens are hostages that don't need to be guarded!
c) the Imperials need to insulate themselves from reprisals.  If the villagers try to kill the Imperials, they can forget ever getting their chicken relatives de-polymorphed.

and most importantly:

d) the party needs to be forced to take a moral stand.  Will they stand aside and watch as the Imperials villain it up?  Or will they intervene?
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