Body implants as custom moves!

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Body implants as custom moves!
« on: November 10, 2010, 01:40:02 AM »
In my campaign, there´s a "cyborg" workshop where people get implants. It has access to weird technology and its crew looks like cult members. They´ve already promised to a PC a new and shiny implant, so I´m starting to create some ones to see how they´d work.
These are the first ones I created. What do you think?

Internal antenna: at the beginning of the session, you can link yourself with two persons (PC or NPC). When you want to speak with them, roll + weird. On a 10+, you can deliver your message, and choose 1 from the list. On a 7-9, you deliver your message, but the MC chooses 2 from the list:
-Someone unexpected also hears the message
-The message is somehow twisted (only a little) by the psychic maelstrom
-You tell him more than what you intended to. The MC or target player will ask you a question about yourself, and you should answer it truthfully
-Part of the psychic maelstrom enters target´s mind.

Cyborg claws: you have replaced a hand with claws, getting AP when you use them. The claws have reached, though, your own mind, and they have their own ideas:
-If the blades speak to you and tell you what to do, or if you ask the blades for advice, and then do it, you mark experience. If you don´t, though, you lose the AP harm benefit until you follow their advice again. The claws don´t allow you to use another weapon until that moment.
The MC determines the claws´ agenda, but it always involves killing.

Ear radar: you have a mini radar implanted on your ear, which lets you get a +1 to read a sitch and open your brain to the psychic maelstrom (the lowest one). However, on a miss and a 7-9, your radar goes against you: you draw unexpected attention from someone attuned to the psychic maelstrom in the area, apart from the common results on each case.

Internal antenna 2: whenever you want to intercept someone´s plans and intentions, roll + SHARP. 10+, you know their intentions, plus choose 3 from the list. 7-9, you know their intentions, plus choose 2 from the list:
-You know exactly how and when will they do ti, and who ones.
-No one else perceives your detection, nor does any one see their intentions.
-You don´t overexpose to psychic maelstrom information (1 harm, AP)
-You don´t awake maelstrom´s rage.

Voice chip: your voice acquires a metalic and musical tone. When you impose your will upon your gang, or seduce or manipulate, or go aggro on someone, you have a +1. However, if you miss or get a 7-9, besides the common outcome, that person becomes resistant to the chip, and from then you get -2 to use those moves upon her (if it´s a gang, then someone becomes invulnerable to "imposing your will...").

IRON HAND: if you tag someone with it, and then use your weapons against him, you get +1 harm. If that person dies after you tag him (and you hadn´t changed the tag), its spirit remains somehow in your iron hand. It will tell you its last wish, and the MC will get 2 hold. He may spend them to do 1-harm to you, or give you -1 to a roll. You may make the MC spend all its hold by accomplishing the spirit´s last wish. When there´s no hold remaining, the spirit goes away.

WIRED HAND: you may "plug" your hand to a weapon, vehicle or machine. If it´s a weapon, you get +1 when using it to attack. If it´s a vehicle or machine, you get +1 to use them under fire.
After using the object, roll+HARD:
-On a 10+, you may unplug your hand without any issue
-On a 7-9, you remain conected in part to the object. If it were destroyed, you suffer 1-harm. You learn something interesting from that object´s past or previous users.
-On a miss, you remain dependant to the object. If someone gets hold of it, he gets a +1 when acting against you (PC), or you get a -1 when acting against him (NPC). You learn 2 or 3 interesting things from that object´s past or previous users.

METALIC CHEST: you have automatic and undetectable 1-armor (only adds with armor 1, otherwise use the highest one). When you have sex with another character, roll+HOT:
-On a 10+, both have a good time, no one cares about the metalic chest.
-On a 7-9, he/she notes it, and it is disgusting. -2 to seduce and manipulate him, and Hx-1 with her (on your sheet) if PC.
-On a miss, he/she perceives it, and it is extremely disgusting, to the point that he no longer thinks of you as a human, rather a beast or robot (and acts accordingly). Won´t ever have sex with you, and will try to damage you for the experience. -2 to your Hx with him (if PC).

SHOTGUN ARM: works like a shotgun, but gives you +1 to seize by force with it, due to the sinergy between your body and the weapon.
When you use seize by force, add an extra option to the list of effects:
-You don´t atract the attention of the oxide wraiths (the shotgun is cursed). The MC may set what exactly they are, or ask it to you (they are related to the psychic maelstrom)
They don´t have to be neccesarily the oxide wraiths, they might be called otherwise (oblivion knights, specters, etc.).

Another ideas? corrections for any custom move?
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Re: Body implants as custom moves!
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A little confusion over whether this is Stuff or Moves. I mean, it's both, clearly, but does it all need to be, or does this risk turning into a kind of shopping list of things to get or use.

So, my instinct is to avoid coming up with stats for things like this until they are called for in the fiction.

Re: Body implants as custom moves!
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Well, they´ve sort of appeared already in the fiction, plus yes, they´re both stuff and moves (rather moves than stats, I think).
But it isn´t like they´ll have access to whatever they want. I´ll choose 3 or 4 from that list, then offer them to the character. This is just brainstorming.
An option I was considering is to have them spend an advance in order to get the implant. They cross out an advance, and then it´s not all like go shopping, plus they paid for it with blood or barter.

Re: Body implants as custom moves!
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I really like a lot of the ideas - a lot of them are really creative Moves that use the system well, especially the way the Move happens on a full or partial hit, or miss. 

In particular I really like the options for Internal Antenna - specifically: you pick 1 bad thing (on a full hit), or the MC picking 2 bad things. 

I'm a bit more luke-warm on a lot of the spirit stuff related to the powers, but I think that's more of personal taste, and on the setting of the game.  Also I think the wording is a bit too specific on a few Moves, like Metallic Chest; does it really have to be the chest, and not just weird, ugly plugs or sub-dermal casings, etc.  But I think I'm just being nit-picky.

Though, for Moves like Metallic Chest, and Voice Chip, I do like the synergy - the take +x (or -x) forward for doing this Move again.  Good balance.

My prognosis:  I'd less consider these as implants characters can get, and actually consider putting these Moves together as a Playbook.  Make a class that revolves around the artificial enhancements - like an android, cyborg or robot.  Seriously.