True Knight (paladin variant)

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True Knight (paladin variant)
« on: October 29, 2012, 07:24:39 PM »
I've already posted this on another forum I frequent, but I thought it might be appreciated here: I put together a modified paladin that draws from slightly different inspiration relative to the dungeon world paladin. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!

The only thing that nags at me about it is that I feel like I could potentially find a better combination of questions for valor/idealist, but whatever.

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I really like the direction of this.

I've just started a new game, and the paladin player is trying to downplay the religious zealout and espouse chivalry and honour as paramount. We may use your class variant - if so, I'll provide feedback here.

Re: True Knight (paladin variant)
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I'm doing something similar in my current game.  The paladin works pretty well if you think of recalling your vows or reciting the word of the law as a prayer.  Lay on hands can be a pat on the back and a reminder of duty (the increase in hp is about renewed readiness for action rather than magical healing).



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Re: True Knight (paladin variant)
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"Are you just gonna lay there bleeding while these forces of evil walk away?! Get up and fight, SOLDIER!"

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I'm the player in timmyd's game.

I'd prefer it if the True Knight was a little more generic, replacing phrases such as "your divine authority" with "your authority".  Whether the source is divine or not would be up to the player.  I'm not saying to scrub it clean of divinity but save the divinity for higher levels and where completely necessary.

"Am I making a reasonable attempt to avoid violence?" might work for some but it implies a value that isn't true for my PC.  My PC wants to do glorious battles, not avoid violence.