Let's brainstorm forms for wizard to polymorph into.

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Let's brainstorm forms for wizard to polymorph into.
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Since the wizard's polymorph spell is so flexible and places most of the design work for the abilities of the new form into the hands of the wizard's player, while giving the GM the ability to tweak it for balance, I thought it would be fun creative exercise to design some possible forms that you can suggest to your GM for your wizard to polymorph things into.

I'll start, feel free to join in.


Half-troll form:

Half-trolls are humanlike creatures created by using a ritual to replace the heart of a human with the heart of a troll.

Your typical half-troll isn’t as strong or vicious as a real troll and they can’t regenerate as well, but they retain the intelligence and most of the personality of the original human, and are less ugly, allowing them to blend in somewhat with normal humans.

Some wizards use them as bodyguards and shocktroopers, because they’re easier to control than real trolls while still bringing some of the benefits.

While the permanent transformation requires a ritual, some wizards use the polymorph spell to replicate the effect temporarily. Usually as a means of strengthening themselves or their allies or as a makeshift healing spell.

  • +1 to strength based rolls.
  • +1 to constitution based rolls.
  • Trollblood: When you take a moment to focus on bringing forth the regenerative powers of your transformed blood, roll +Con.
    • On a 10+, heal yourself for d8 damage.
    • On a 7-9, heal yourself for d4 damage.
    • On a 6-, you can’t maintain your focus and end up standing there like an idiot.
  • -1 to wisdom based rolls.
  • -1 to charisma based rolls.
  • You get irritated easily and gain a vicious streak.
  • You gain a weakness to fire and acid.
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