Doug's Dungeon Goodies

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Doug's Dungeon Goodies
« on: November 04, 2012, 04:05:47 AM »
Maybe you know, maybe you don't but in the OSR blogosphere, Doug of [url][url] has some awesome dungeon design prompts for his Dungeon Teller game that work wonderfully well with Dungeon World. For your lonely GM fun or making it up with collaborative story telling on the fly!

A mad lib style dungeon 'on the fly' prompter. Make maps like crazy!

A handy 'setting' generator chart. Have the characters Spout Lore or Carouse and choose from the options...

Or how about an instant adventure path, with fronts, dangers (and their instincts) all laid out in a relationship map?

Stuck for ideas out the layout of your new steading? Try the Chitty City Tool! Make sure to ask lots of provactive questions and use the answers!

Or even as a your players start exploring and uncover rumours. Stuck for an evocative location? Use the Chitty World Building Tool :)

Insta situation or Impeding Dooms Chart.

I Love his 'Wondermorphs'! They are so epic and the illustrations just beg for questions about the dungeon.

His Villian-o-matic is pretty nifty too :)

Re: Doug's Dungeon Goodies
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2012, 05:56:48 PM »
Looks cool, though I can only left side of the images you've posted. I'll check out the site! Cheers!