Cool ideas!!!

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Cool ideas!!!
« on: October 25, 2012, 08:42:13 AM »
Hey everyone.
I just wanted to create a thread where, instead of asking questions, people could share random cool ideas used (or imagined used) in Monsterhearts.

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I'll start:
My Queen, who'd gone through a lot of bad shit, mostly self inflicted, wanted something supernatural about her character, and as she had more than enough xp (we judged, we never really keep track).
She chose a move from the Infernal skin, Soul Debt and the bargain Strings attached.
Now, since the character had no idea the supernatural existed, we had to sort of ease her into it, and find out what form her contact with the infernal entity would take, and also what initial bargains she might have made. Trouble was, we risked having to retcon, because we figured she had to have made at least one bargain before without knowing it.

This was the solution: Her diary, an old leatherbound book she'd been writing in since she was ten (and had strangely never run out of blank pages(), was the connection.
Her first wish: "I just want to be popular". And of course, she was. Everyone wanted to be around her. The hottest guy in school asked her out. She had her gaggle of cheerleaders. She had followers. She had admirers. She had no friends.

The second wish was where she discovered that all was not right in the world.
She'd just had a fight with her father (we'd never met her mother, but assumed she was doing trophy-wife stuff such as shopping and rehab), who ended up grounding her like a child. Off to the diary, where she wrote "I wish he'd just go away on one his stupid business trips and never come back!!!" And the diary said, in flowing script, "DONE!!!"
And off her father went to the airport. Hours passed, and the police knocked on the door and informed her of his sad demise. Death by bus.

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No takers? Okay, guess I have to bait the trap some more.

In another game, our Chosen (Jackson) managed to save our Feys (Frey) younger sister from being sacrificed to the "Big Bad". Turns out they weren't quite in time, as the mortal sister (half-sister, really) ended up possessed. Gogogadget exorcism scene!!!

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Give me a bit and I can check with my MC and see if he doesn't mind a link to his games page. Last session in particular was an... interesting one.

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Ok here's one from last Saturday.There's a whole lot more going on. And we tend to play 8ish hour sessions which are jam packed with stuff and were 6 or 7 sessions in. So this is just the tail end of a session.

 My Ghoul was transported/trapped/time warped/illusionated? by the Infernal big bad of the season back to a 1950's insane asylum. Once she was finally detained by the orderlies (after trying to escape and trying to hurt a guard) she was subjected to 6 months (relative time) of medications,therapy, electro shock therapy sessions and finally a threat of a lobotomy to cure her of this delusion of being from the future.

Finally as I was being prepped for the lobotomy, which terrified me cause I didn't know how to get back "home" and I'd not truly die and so not heal from it, the Infernal Sam appeared to me and offered me an out. Since I didn't have a soul I could carry her dead boyfriends back to the world of the living from it's current residence in hell. I of course quickly agreed. The bitch still let me be lobotomized and sit around as a vegetable for a few months just to be mean.

When I finally came back I was made aware that I had a deadline and a tidbit of foreknowledge. Whatever guy I had sex with that day would become her boyfriend. If I didn't, I'd die a true death at midnight. After much hemming and hawing about whether my death wouldn't just make the world a better place and not release a deamon on the world my boyfriend and friends convinced me that me croaking might not actually stop him from coming into the world. So I did what any red blooded troubled teenage Ghoul would do. Set up my skeezy-pedo-unethical-therapist who'd been taking advantage of me. We had one last "therapy session" at some skeevy hotel off the highway and then the gang piled in after to finish the job. He's now a very pissed off deamon in small , burned pieces in several shallow graves in the woods outside of town. With a very dead girlfriend whom I ate.
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Re: Cool ideas!!!
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I really need to get this creative!

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Another one from our current game. Our Fey (Ash) who would be best described as a sort of ambiguously gendered emo boy. Long story short he's actually transgendered but didn't realize this until he went over to the "other side", the land of fairy, where he was greeted as a daughter of the court. Once that happened it clicked and he realized why he'd never felt quite "normal" in the real world.

This of course led to drama with his father who was a "mans, man" and him moving to our crappy armpit of a town in Ohio with his mother and her parents. well Homecoming is just around the corner and while in Fairy he met a Price who asked him out to Homecoming. They exchanged favors and promises and made fairy goo goo eyes at each other. And he informed Autumn (Ash), that to attend the ball he'd need something to wear.

Queue planning to go into Columbus on a shopping trip. Only to realize belatedly that Prince Willow did't mean clothes to wear but a mortal form since he had none in the real world. Queue rapid shift from planning a shopping trip to planning a kidnapping trip to find a girl for him to "wear" to Homecoming. So that Ash wouldn't have to come out to our school during the big dance.

Too bad we were so busy saving the town from Rife, the deamon, that we missed the dance.

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A few things that have come up in my games:

1) The Ghoul was made up of pieces of bodies.  She literally had the Ghost's heart, which perhps explained their budding romance.  If this had been an ongoing game instead of a one-shot, the Ghost's desire to watch over his kid brother would have intersected nicely with the Ghoul's Dr. Frankenstein-ish father's desire to build her a sibling.

2) The Witch's see-through-their-eyes spell goes badly, and he winds up switching bodies instead of just peeping.  Much of the session was driven by multiple body switches.  Stupid hexes.

3) A different Witch tries to bind the Werewolf who's hulking out at the prom.  And does!  But all that animalistic energy has to go somewhere, and suddenly the dance turns into an orgy of sex and violence.

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The most recent BBEG we ran into was in our Monsterhearts game. She was a witch trying to summon her long lost love from hell. It just so happened that her long lost love (Rife) was also a daemon with a split personality. One, a nice reasonable guy who was actually pretty sympathetic. The other side of his personality (work Rife) was a psychopathic destruction monkey who wanted vengeance upon the world for banishing him to hell long ago.

In order to break down the barriers between hell and the mortal world she needed to cause chaos, havoc and suffering. And it had to be caused by people calling upon her demonic boyfriends services. So she had to be a good saleswoman and offer temptation and corruption to people. And twist them into infernal power junkies.

She was pretty cool. I mean she was a total bitch but she was sympathetic when she wan't screwing you over. Though it didn't stop us from bashing in her head with a tire iron and me eating her corpse.

Her shade ended up coming back at the end of the season and spurring people into killing each other and indirectly into the PC's all trying to kill each other. Mostly though an unfortunate series of events that divided the group between the people who weren't their darkest selves and those that were. She ended up possessing my kid sister, causing my mom's eyes to boil out of her head, force me to kill my boyfriends only friend and accidently try to kill my sister. Resulting in my suicide at the end of the season.

Despite being killed two times and her plans thwarted she did end up destroying pretty much everything the PC's cared about and making them no longer friends in any way shape or form. Oh, and she did also end up making two of the PC's OK with using the Infernal powers of her boyfriend. Meaning we'll probably have to deal with him next season since asking favors of him gives him more power and draws him closer to the real world.