Ranger - New Moves

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Ranger - New Moves
« on: November 05, 2012, 07:12:39 AM »
Hi all,
I and Rino have thought about the following new moves for the Ranger. I would be pleased to have feedback!

Level 2-5
Broken Bran
Whenever you focus on your pet, close your eyes and calmly breathe, you can meld your vision, taste, smell and hearing with your animal companion.
In this state you feel what it feels. If your animal companion finds a prey or some food, you can avoid spending a ration when required. Just ignore it.

Level 6-10
Heart of the Wolf (the companion is a wolf in our game, so...)
The Ranger and its Wolf enter in total communion. Roll WIS.
6 or less: you gain all of your companion weaknesses till next rest
7-10: you gain 2 of your companion strenght and 1 weaknesses at DM choice (or 1 strenght+1 weakness?)
10+: you gain all of your companions strenghts (or 3 strenght and no weakness?)

Thanks for any advice :)

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Re: Ranger - New Moves
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Love the reference to Game of Thrones.  Very in-keeping with how we roll at DWHQ.

Re: Ranger - New Moves
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Rino is a huge fan of Game of Throne :)