Why are grenades at hand range?

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Eh.  Depends on the shotgun.  Sawed-offs are good to about ten yards, good full-size models up to 100.

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Messy assumes area, though, doesn't it?  It may or may not hit anyone in the area?  If you already have area, messy is a downgrade.

I think messy is just one of those tags the MC has to use for descriptions. If it's messy, it's going to leave a big mess of blood, guts and brain matter.

Like, a pain-wave projector isn't messy, but it's area.

I disagree, if the explosive can be a "shaped charge" then it wouldn't be messy and more effective.

Re: Why are grenades at hand range?
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The RANGE of hand grenades, in relation to other weapons, is very short. This range depends entirely on the throwing ability of each individual. You should be able to throw a grenade, such as the M67 fragmentation grenade, about 35 to 40 meters.

The EFFECTIVE CASUALTY RADIUS of a hand grenade is defined as the radius of a circular area around the point of detonation within which at least 50 percent of the exposed personnel become casualties. The radius is about 16.5 yards (15 meters). This radius is small compared to the effective casualty radius of the other weapons, such as the 60-mm mortar. You must remember, however, that casualties can and do occur at distances much greater than the so-called effective casualty radius.

so remember the hand grenade is thrown by hand; therefore, the range is short and the casualty radius is small. Hand grenades are used to supplement small arms against an enemy in close  combat, as a riot control agent, for smoke screening and signaling, and for incendiary purposes, hence the reason that it is used as a DEFENSIVE weapon and not as a offensive weapon normally.
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