AW over Google Docs

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AW over Google Docs
« on: October 21, 2010, 03:22:34 PM »
So, now that google is discontinuing wave, I've started experimenting with different tools. Forum or blog format has been too unefficient, I mean, there's too much space between the text in each post, making it annoying with really short posts. And I think really short posts are important for getting that easy, creative conversation.

So, after sketching up how I'd like it, and discussing it a bit on some swedish boards, I realized I had what I wanted in google docs.

So, now I've got two games running. Thought I'd show and tell, in case someone else would be interested in play-by-posting.

(Big disclaimer, though: It's played and written in Swedish, and just run through google translate. So don't hit that link looking for litterature! I just translated it so you'd have an idea of what's going on, how the dynamics of play looked when we did that. But the text will look awful and occasionally unintelligible. Also, it's set in Scandinavia, hence the names.)

We played this session, our first this way, as a real time session, all three of us online at the same time. There's a chat built into google docs these days, so we kept commenting there while the game ran. The person who had the ball, who was writing, passed the ball by adding a new line, showing that sie was finished. For dice rolls we used an online roller with a game room, so we all saw each roll, in a tab of the browser. Oh, and at the opening, where Frost and Stieg are in different scenes, we had those two scenes running parallel.

Anyway, take a look if you've been thinking about running a game over wave or forum or something.  See if it's something useful for you.

Here it is.

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