Amber: The Amber MC

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Amber: The Amber MC
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Make the Amber multiverse seem real
Make the player characters' lives not boring; look for chances to elide over boring stretches
Play to find out what happens

Always Say

What the principles demand
What the rules demand
What prep demands
What honesty demands

The Principles

Make Amber seem real on top of being Real, solid and constant
Make Chaos seem Real yet mutable, solid yet chaotic
Make Shadow seem real yet ephemeral, vivid and varied
Address yourself to the characters, not the players
Make your move, but misdirect and never speak its name
Look at shadows and at objects from shadows with an eye toward their possible destruction
Name everyone, make everyone a person
Emphasize the difference between supernals and everyone else
Ask provocative questions and build on the answers
Respond with frequent contrariness and interference, and with intermittent blessings
Remember that threats are threats, but that threats are not all that they are
Be a fan of the player characters
Think off-screen as well
Sometimes, disclaim decision making

The Moves

Separate someone from others
Capture someone
Put someone in a predicament
Announce off screen trouble
Announce future trouble
Inflict harm as established
Exchange harm for harm, as established
Separate someone from his valuables
Make them expend Respect
Make them expend time and effort
Activate the downside of valuable objects and places
Reveal the possible consequences and offer a choice
Offer an opportunity, with or without a cost
Turn the move back on the player
Introduce or awaken a new threat or faction
Change a threat from one type to another
Make a threat move (from one of the factions)

After every move, ask, "What do you do?"