Ghoul hungers for chaos... temptation?

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Ghoul hungers for chaos... temptation?
« on: October 03, 2012, 03:28:58 PM »
Hey! So I'm new to MCing Monsterhearts, and unfortunately my first opportunity is in a 1-on-1 game. Luckily, my associate and I both embrace the high school, dysfunctional attitude that the game really thrives on, so it's easy for the most part. Anyway, my player is playing a ghoul ("sent" origin, which we're using to great effect) with a hunger for chaos. Considering we decided a small town would be the best for our purposes (and went with the real town of Vauxhall, Alberta, which is basically a high school, a diner, and the houses around them. Check it out), chaos was the hunger he thought best, at least for a short term thing that this might be.

Anyway, I gotta say I'm stumped on how to offer temptation on the chaos hunger front. I have so far offered a few otherwise unmarked "fun pills" and the subtle suggestion that they be used to make things funky at the dance, but it felt a little weak to me. Suggestions?

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I can't really offer much in the way of concrete examples due to knot really knowing your players or your setting /NPC's. But, you could always try to set up situations where everything will be fine. So long as your Ghoul doesn't give a little nudge to make it all go pear shaped. Our MC finds that just presenting the opportunity to the player is generally enough to get them to roll with it and make a big dramariffic mess of things.

Also keep in mind that if your going more mean spirited, fires, car accidents etc. all can be technically viewed as Chaos. Such as rewiring the streetlights to cause an intentional accident, setting a fire in the local diner, bomb threats to the school. Unfortunately a lot of these are things that your player is going to have to come up with. He's going to have to get in the mindset of a malicious dick and run with it. And you as MC are going to have to introduce the complications/drama/NPC reactions.

Dunno if this helps any but I'll ask my group for ideas on our game night. if they come up with anything profound I'll be sure to tell you.

Re: Ghoul hungers for chaos... temptation?
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Just ramp up your descriptions of how nicely things are going, or how pleasant it is to see everyone having such a marvellous time down at the mall. Layer on really saccharine descriptions of how everyone is so relaxed -- especially if people the Ghoul loathes are involved, make sure they're all smiling blissfully and going about their everyday business. Not a care in the world! All their plans are working out: they're totally going to get in to that college they applied to, they're totally taking their girl to the dance, they're totally going to score some acid in time for the prom. Nothing could go wrong with their perfect little picket-fence lives.

Show the PC something worth burning down, basically -- for a Chaos-hungry Ghoul, everyday small town life should feel claustrophobic to the point of being offensive -- a personal rebuke. Obviously you have to adapt somewhat to the personality of the Ghoul in question, but think about ramping the basic 'fuck shit up' punk impulse to 11. When you want to tempt them, make even the most innocuous, everyday activity seem like a scene from Pleasantville. These people are sheep, and somebody needs to remind them what living's all about.

Re: Ghoul hungers for chaos... temptation?
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Awesome. I can use this. Thanks folks ;-)