Example Threat Write Ups

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Example Threat Write Ups
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So, I'm new to the game having only played once and just gotten the book but after finding the forums here and puttering around a bit I noticed that there are a lot of proposed skins and talk about the skins. But not much on other aspects of the game. So I figured I'd start a thread that people could contribute to that focused on ideas for menaces in the game. A tool for the MC to help them on the fly come up with interesting goings on in game. I hope I did the write ups right. If anything is wrong please feel free to comment and more than anything please add your own ideas for menaces the more we come up with now the less on the fly thinking we need to do later when our players are staring at us expectantly.

Reality TV Show Comes to the Campus
The PC's school has been chosen by a major network to be the focus of a reality television show. In the upcoming semester camera crews and techs will have almost free run of the campus. Following interesting, attention whoring, outspoken, troubled and volatile students around in hopes of capturing “drama” and entertaining TV for the network. On site host optional, however it might make a good villain of a good focus for the PC's aggression.

The camera never blinks. Crews are roaming around the school recording everything , catching everyone in candid moments when they don't expect it. What if the PC's are revealed as monsters? What if they become the star of the series? What if the world finds out? What if the network heads are monsters themselves?

Reality Show Host attracted to drama like a shark to blood.
Camera crews snooping around the school and town.
Exposure of the PC's secrets

The Stars Are Right
The planets/starts what have you, are aligned for the first time in centuries and the PC's hometown is at ground zero for the convergence. Supernaturals from all over are being drawn to the location all with their own goals, needs and desires.

Will one supernatural achieve their goals and gain real ultimate power? Will the PC's become embroiled in the supernatural infighting? Will the PC's family, friends or teachers be in danger and used as leverage against the PC's?

Various out of town supernaturals
Strange happenings as the convergence approaches
Increase/decrease in powers as the event nears. Daywalking vamps etc.

The Road Trip
The PC's decide to go on a road trip and all the drama and complications that follow with that. New towns, new people the unknown.

Will being together 24/7 tear their friendships apart? Will they meet new unknown supernaturals? Will they meet the love of their life on the road? Will they run afoul of the authorities ( cops, FBI, vamp/witch/whatever cabals that control the city etc.)

Various other supernaturals and unknown authority figures that don't like the PC's or want them for their own purposes
The unknown of a new town. They don't know the lay of the land and who's who
The PC's young impulsive natures or perhaps their hidden dislike for another PC

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I like your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter :-)

But seriously, these are great. I especially like the one with the reality show.

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Thanks. I've been trying to think up less run of the mill threats all week long at work. I mean a big bad is always waiting in the wings to trouble the characters. So I've been trying to think of other styles of threats or just interesting situations that can be thrown the PCs way. Also been ODing on Vampire Diaries/ BUffy/ Being Human this past week as well. So I might post a few things lifted from there as well. But that's assuming I get enough time to do write ups what with my hectic schedule of gaming Thurs-Sun evening

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A few more that I've come up with. I find that the themes of inconveniencing the PCs and putting their privacy and secrecy at stake are the threat ideas that come to mind most easily for me.

It's For Your Own Good
Due to one of the players recent erratic behavior, poor academic performance or some other suitably Monsterheartsey themed complication one of the characters has been assigned a social worker. DSSHS will be preforming random drop by inspections and interviews of the players family and home environment. Along with scheduled therapy sessions downtown at the courthouse or some other suitably authoritative location.

A concerned Big Brother is watching and keeping a careful eye on the player. Perhaps smoothing over small complications but ready to move in and make life miserable if major complications arise ( perhaps Community Service). What if they find out your secret? What will you do then?

The PC's assigned social worker
The local Judge, police, sheriff
Non-in the know PC friends that may tip off or reveal too much
School Teachers, Family anyone looking out for their best interest

The Mayor Hereby Welcomes Omni Corp.
Outline: A major construction firm/corporation /big business has decided to move into town and make it their central base of operations. To do this old run down sections of town or tracts of unused land are being bought as a site for future construction.

A new major player is in town now. Snooping around trying to get a feel of the place, buying up peoples homes, farms, abandoned buildings etc. The same types of places that monsters like to skulk and get away form humanity. Perhaps where their past victims lay buried. Either way it might be best to lay low for a while.

Various corporate drones looking to exploit the situation
Construction crews uncovering secrets/bodies, destroying ghosts houses
Town authorities that want to encourage the financial boom this will bring

Martial Law
Outline: One afternoon an announcement goes out over all the local stations. Martial law has been declared by the military due to a chemical spill or some other nebulous reason, A curfew will be in place and patrols will be out to enforce it.

Is the military telling the truth? Or do they know something more? Perhaps they have evidence of supernatural occurrences and want to apprehend the suspects. Now they have all their potential suspects in one place with no way out. Will the PCs be captured? Will they have to turn over someone to the authorities? Can they escape?

Military forces, soldiers, officers, the general whose pet project this is/ Maybe even a Congressmen/MP
Other supernaturals that may be working with the military. Or just give away their presence
Supernaturals who may know about the PCs who might let information slip

I Want To Be Leader
Outline: A local Cult/Coven/Supernatural organization is undergoing what amounts to a civil war. With rival sides vying for control of the organization. Drawing the PCs into a messy tangle of loyalties and betrayal.

Who will the PCs trust? Who can they trust? What do they want form than and why? Will they back the right side or earn enemies. Sometimes staying neutral just serves to ensure you have enemies on both sides. Either way they must choose and choose quickly before things go to hell in a handbasket.

Both sides of the organization
Others moving in to take advantage of the chaos

The New Messiah
Outline: A rather wacko religious cult has become aware of one or more of the PC's existence. They now consider the PC to be their new messiah. Congratulatons! You now have lackeys. The bad news is they are overprotective and possessive of you to the Nth degree.

Stakes: Will the PC bask in the adoration of their new found cult? Or will they rapidly tire of the attention. Will it alienate them from their friends, family? How will the “true believers” react if the PC denounces them/ goes Darkest Self/tries to slip away?

The ATF or some other government organization that keeps track of such things
The PC's family and friends who may not agree with them or the Cult
The Cult members who may be more than a bit unhinged

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Oooooh, good stuff.