Asking Provacative Questions - MC Prompts?

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Re: Asking Provacative Questions - MC Prompts?
« Reply #15 on: November 01, 2010, 12:59:40 AM »
I've been getting better at this stuff!
I jotted down a few memorable provocative questions from the last couple of sessions. Hope they help folks, like others have helped me.

What do they have that you want?
What do you have that they want?
O.K. so you're hungry / thirsty / horny / sleepy / wounded.... What do you do?
Its all busted up. Where can you find replacement parts? Why is that such a bad idea?

What was the last thing they did to piss you off?
They hurt you. How? Why?
Hey, you know why. Tell us the reason they are coming at cha, teeth bared.
Its not safe at home anymore. Where do you go?

Out of the bunch of them, one gives you a strong gut feeling. What is it? Who does it pertain to?

Everyone knows you’re [choose stat]. What do you do about that?
What secret are you protecting?
We all know you’re the [playbook]. What makes you so special?

What's with the platypus with teeth in the sewers?
Its raining an awful lot lately, everything is wet. How do you dry your dampened spirit?
Beyond the city lies the distant shore. What have you heard?

Re: Asking Provacative Questions - MC Prompts?
« Reply #16 on: November 01, 2010, 03:13:20 AM »
A while ago I asked the Brainer of a game I was running "So what's the hardholder's name, and what did you learn when you deep-brain-scanned him?" And "So who do you have some puppet strings in, currently, and what are they?"

I like making the questions tied to their playbook. Another question I'm sitting on next time I get a driver PC is "Where won't you drive to, regardless of how much they're offering? Who was the last person to ask you, and how did they take 'no' as an answer?"