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Fronts are primarily an organizational tool in DW, vs a thematic one in AW.  They have similarities (they get worse as time goes on, player action can change them, they reflect a world in flux ,etc) but they're different, too. 

Think of it this way - the Campaign Front is the thing that colors the Adventure Fronts.  If the Campaign Front is "the return of the gods of darkness" then the Adventure Fronts should either have something to do with that or be a distraction from it that will give the servants of the gods of darkness some time to get their shit together.

Campaign Front themes and overarches Adventure Fronts.  Adventure Fronts inform and organize dangers.  Portents resolve Dooms, Dooms change the world.

So in this model "Pride" from my earlier example is a thing that goes in the Campaign Front somewhere and feeds adventure fronts? Like: players' cues --> campaign front (incl. dooms) --> adventure front (incl. portents) --> local dangers? Where would I stick "Pride" on the campaign front, and what kind of thing should it be?

Tangent: if DW fronts abdicate the theme-based inspiration function, what do you use instead?