The end of the world hosted by Johnstone and Orlando

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The end of the world hosted by Johnstone and Orlando
« on: September 06, 2012, 10:19:32 PM »
Me and Johnstone are writing two games are are sort of one game that are sort of like maybe an anthology of games.

It's about the end of the world. It's about trauma. It's about hard-minded agents and surreal demons. It's some of those things, it's other things, it's none of those things.

Essentially, we're producing at least two games that share some common elements. Both mechanically and as he writes: 'This game is intended to cover the common ground between Bladerunner, Event Horizon, Solaris, and the works of William Gibson and H. P. Lovecraft."

One is Johnstone's tentatively titled "Black Seas of Infinity." Mine is I don't know, ???????, I guess. In BSI, you fight, perhaps nihilistically and desperately, to save the future against the seemingly implacable advance of the Eschaton. In the other, you surreally and poetically tackle the thematics of posthumanism: finitude, grief, extinction, desire, affect, non-subjectivity, incomprehension, etc.

Basically, it's the difference between The Borne Identity and Last Night. If both of those screenplays had been written by a collaboration between Lovecraft and Lem. Directed by Riddly Scott. Definitely with no budget to speak of.

The reason I say anthology at all, is because we're thinking about a sort of 'playset' style books, depending on the kind of apocalypse you want. Like Christian, Nanobots, Cthulhian, etc. Not entirely sure yet. It'll probably look like one and three halves of a game.

When either of the games have workable alphas, we'll post them here. You're welcome to mess around with anything we've already posted.

Please let us know how and when they break!
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