[Apocalypse|State] - The Lost Places

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[Apocalypse|State] - The Lost Places
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Lost Places:
Quote from: A|State page 39
A lone man walks down a darkened alley, never to emerge on the other side.
An emaciated dog runs from nowhere into the middle of a crowded street.
Children scrabbling in cellars and basements, playing to blank out the misery of existence, find one of their friends gone. Forever.
Squads of heavily armed troops disappear while on patrol, their screams faintly floating on the breeze.
Half heard voices from nowhere, partial glimpses from the corner of an eye.
These are the Lost Places.

Ok, so Lost Places are a by-product of The Shift? No fucker knows for certain. Not even the wack-job scientists of the Shift Studies Group. I mean, they do tests and they make these fucked-up theories that sound a-o-fucking-k, but really? They don't have any more of a clue than your average drug-addled drudge slaving in some god-forsaken factory.

So what do we know?
  • People, animals, trinkets, even whole sodding buildings...gone. Just fucking gone, man. One minute they're there. Then...nothing.
  • Finding a Lost Place? Yeah right. Looking for it won't find one, people just, well, stumble across them. Poor buggers.
  • Some snotty-nosed ex-mike fighter told me once you can't even photograph Dark Places. Nothing on the photo, she said. Nothing. How screwed up is that? She didn't say what you do see though...
  • Oh, there are plenty of stories about Lost Places. Torture lane, The Pit, The Torment. Loads of stories, whispered in shitty gin palaces and skanky Edge-dens. But again, would you believe those wacked-out fuckers?
  • The Shifted are connected to the Lost Places. We think. They're not gonna tell us though, so who knows?

Initial thoughts for Apocalypse|State.
1. Lost Places replaces The Maelstrom.
2. You don't look for Lost Places, well you can, but you ain't gonna find one.
3. LPs and the Shifted are connected.
4. Drug use is rampant in The City. How to connect the dots?
5. Your weird stat is related to LPs, but how?
6. What's inside the LPs? Where do you go when you enter? Canon states there's no return from the LPs. Is it death? Can it be used as a fail result with certain drugs?


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Re: [Apocalypse|State] - The Lost Places
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So, first thoughts after mulling this over.

Peer into the Dark Places: When you really start to look around you during any particular situation, there’s a chance you may get a glimpse of just too much, peering into the shadows of the City. Roll+weird,
  • On a 10+, you will get two new facts that relate to the shift or the shifted that's tied to the situation or location.
  • On a 7-9, the MC will tell you 1 new fact as for 10+, but the fact dazes you, you are acting under fire.
  • On a 6-, you have attracted the attention of something from the Dark Places. The MC will no doubt be able to come up with something. See The Shift for ideas.

Not sure. Thoughts?