Move Idea: Bloodcrazed

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Move Idea: Bloodcrazed
« on: March 16, 2011, 11:06:16 PM »

Is there yet a move where you roll +harm-suffered? Like, if you've got 4 boxes filled in, you're rolling +4? Or a move where you deal harm equal to the amount of harm you've already suffered?

It seems like a really awesome mechanic, especially for the "totally bloodcrazed deathwish guy." Having the possibility of rolling up to +6 is broken, or of doing 6-harm, is going to be broken regardless of the implementation.

+half-harm (rounded up) is quite a bit less elegant, but an immediately workable solution.

Further thoughts? Has this been done? Could this be done? What could be done with it?

One thing I could do is steal the idea and apply it to Monsterhearts, where the most harm you can have at any given time is 3.

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Yeah, I wrote one of these, in Heralds of Hell.

It was a substitution move, roll+harm suffered (total) instead of roll+weird, in battle. So it's situational. Dunno, should work fine, depending on what the move does.

Also I did this for When you start to slide down the escarpment... in the story-games thread.

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I was talking to Sage about this last night when we were discussing the Barbarian for Dungeon World. I love to play characters that get all messed up.

You could say: when you're at 3:00, do +1 harm. At 6:00, do +2. At 9:00 or more, do +3 harm.

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Cool. Another option is:

Pain Addict
If you've got more harm on your clock than they do, deal +1-harm.

Hm. Maybe that'd be a good Grotesque move.

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I don't think this is quite what you were aiming for, but the first thing that comes to mind is something like:

Blood in the Water
When you fall into the Big Wet, roll +current-harm.
On a 10+, you like big hungry fish, right?
On a 7-9, pick one:
-something's coming soon, but it's isn't here yet
-you still have whatever you were carrying
-at least they're not big
On a miss, well aren't you a lucky dog.

I think you were hoping for something more like this:

Call it Motivation
The first time you Seize by Force after suffering harm, you may choose to roll +current-harm instead of rolling +hard.  You may do this again after suffering further harm, but not until then.
Optional: Even if you don't have the advanced form of Seize by Force, you can still get the 12+ result when you roll +current-harm.

That doesn't solve the problem of having a potentially absurd bonus to the roll.  But honestly, I think I'd like to see someone roll that +6 at least once, if only because it would mean that they were in deep shit and still sticking around to duke it out.  Probably because they took the move in the first place :)

Of course, you might have had Blood Rage tickling at the back of your mind.
It says:
Whenever you take harm, roll +harm-taken.  On a 10+, take +1 ongoing until you heal any harm.  On a 7-9 take +1 forward.  On a miss, take 1-harm or take -1 ongoing until you heal any harm, your choice

That one is on page 272 of the book, as a possible new character move, and was devised by Ben Wray.

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Blood in the Water is crazy inspiring to me. Thanks, Henry!

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My pleasure!

On the theme of following blood, you could also go for some kind of tracker move. Try something like:

You've got a good nose. When you are trying to find someone who has been hurt, roll +their-current-harm, and double it if they are an NPC.
On a 10+, pick 1 from below and 1 from the 7-9 list:
-you know where they're crawling to
-you know just where they're hurt, take +1 forward when you finally close in on them
-you know what they've got with them, they can't pull any tricks on you when you find them
On a 7-9, pick one from below:
-you're hot on their trail, they must be somewhere just ahead but you can't see them yet
-you're certain that you could come back to this trail later, provided weather holds out
-you can see them, but they're waaay ahead of you. Hope you're ready for a long haul
On a miss, MC moves as they see fit

I'm not as sure about that last option for 7-9, but it made me think of the white hats chasing Butch Cassidy near the beginning of that movie... maybe they didn't catch him that time, but they learned more and they'll get him someday, somehow. If you have any ideas to improve it, especially the 7-9 options, I'd appreciate them.