[AP] Hope town

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[AP] Hope town
« on: June 16, 2010, 12:26:39 PM »
Wish me luck - session 4 coming up. New player joining and one player not present. Fingers crossed it goes well. more posting after the session.

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Hmm, went pretty well - but i get the feeling i'm being a little weak on the players...

Anyway - started with a recap - town under attack by wasteland mutants, Brewer's house under attack, and 3 players staging a getaway

New guy - Rum the Savvyhead (imagine an alcoholic Doc Brown- is woken up by the sound of heavy machingun fire. He grumbled about the noisy neighbours and opened the front door yelling to shut the hell up he opens the door on a wasteland mutant (vicious dog like person) He tries to sieze safety by wacking it over the nose with a coffeepot just inside the door - fails the rool and just manages to piss it off - it claws him across the chest as he runs and stumbled into his house. He tries to run away (maintain an untenable course) throwing furniture behind him to keep it off. Runs into his junkyard and reads the situation to find a way to hide, the best he can find is a narrow crack between some rusted car hulks - but its narrow enough to prevent the mutant from getting to him. He hides in there and waits for it to go away.

Meanwhile - back at the house, Amiette (the brainer) jumps out of an attic window to escape a couple of beast-men and fall to get majorly hurt and unconscious (player is away and wanted this to happen). Shadow (the battlebabe) acts under stress and drags Amiette into the truck. Frankie (the Driver) reads the situation but is distracted by a torn up body which crashes into the monster truck's hood and splatters blood across the windshield. They all see another beast-man at the ruined window with a torn leg hanging from its mouth. Frankie tries to get away, acting under panic for his life by driving wildly away. He gets away cleanly. Up ahead he can see Brewer waddling away for his life, with a pair of Beasties on his tail. Shadow reads the situation and sees that the Beast-men are not immediately dangerous, but actually herding people. She fires some warning shots (go aggro)from the Machine gun mounted on the roof of the truck which scare them away, and Frankie drives by and drag the massive Brewer into the car, acting under pressure to hurry while the beast men are frightened away.

After all the fighting, and driving of the night before, Frankie sees that the gas tank is getting low, and considering that they will ahve a long drive to get anywhere he wants to head back to to Rum's place to gather some spare parts and extra fuel.

Rum slowly sneaks out of his hiding place, but is still wary. He makes a dash for the junkyard gate and sees the Monster truck of Frankie and Shadow come screaming into the gate. Shadow jumps out and slams the game shut and Frankie asks for extra fuel. Rum looks in shock at the truck and then warns that one of the doggy-men is in the place. Shadow reads the sitch and sees some claw marks in the dust which lead back into the house. She sneaks in and sees a Beast-man head down in an overturned cupboard, biting at foodstuff. It bites down and growls "gaa  tiiiiiinnnnn" and throws the can of food over its shoulder. Shadow pulls out her swords and quietly puts one to the throat of the beast "time to leave".

She takes it outside, where all three have an argument over what to do next, Rum and Frankie just want to kill the beast and run away - Shadow them points out that it can understand them, and manipulates the beast into showing  it can understand by saying that she'll just shoot it, and when it flinches she says sorry, and cuts its head off.

Rum feels that the town is getting decidedly unsafe, and asks to be taken away - and he has fuel for barter They agree and Frankie starts to gather containers of fuel.

Meanwhile Rum is worried about the furry beasts that are outside, so he goes back into his workshop and jury rigs a rough flamethrower - while Shadow interrogates Brewer. Brewer wants to get away from all this rust and destruction, and only starts to talk once Shadow rams a dirty, blood stained pistol into his mouth. He knows that the beasts attack from time to time, and that they are the sick of the town - who are cast out as he doesn't want even their dead, sick bodies to be soiling the town.

Frankie looks up from refuelling the car as he hears people screaming outside - Shadow goes to take a look and can see the Beast-men sheparding a mod of people like cattle down the street towards the front gates.

Run comes out wearing his contraption of petrol tanks and pressure pipes - and hears the growling outside the gates. He's fed up and sticks the nozzle out of the gates and fires off his flamethrower trying to burn the beats and frighten them away (Sieze by force) He utterly fails, and the flames burst over the fence and creep back up the stream of fuel - licking over the tank strapped to his back. Rum panics and literally acts under fire pulling off the tank and trying to throw it over the fence, but its already too hot and he drops it on the ground. Everyone panics and tries to hide. Rum runs and hides behind the truck. Shadow has Brewer on the ground from his interrogation, and just rolls behind brewer's massive bulk. Frankie jump in the truck and drives it as far forward to get away from the explosion - leaving Run exposed when the tank explodes - he drops and rolls and gets away with only some blackened hair and skin - but Brewer is now well done BBQ meat.

With the explosion knocking down the gates, they are now staring at the pile of panicked people and beast-men. Shadow jumps up onto the truck and fires the machine gun into the air above the crowd, making them panic and run screaming - the beast men growling and running off to re-collect them.

gah - getting late. will continue tomorrow.
But - basically i keep feeling that i wasn't following the principles close enough, and this game didn't spark quite as much as our last session - perhaps it was the new player and the savvyhead - I was really unsure as to how the whole rules of making stuff works.