I thought a lot about this and this is what I think about Apocalypse World

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Are these advanced character types then persistant, or does the character revert back to an ordinary person after the situation changes significantly or an advanced character move is used?
I think you can choose to take on an advanced character type, or you can just keep on being ordinary, but once you've stopped being ordinary that's it, you're not ordinary anymore. Kinda like being a president or stripper. Even if you try to stop, you're "former president" or "that person who used to be a stripper."

Fringefolk: Holy shit! All those years spent studying things no-one else cared about, like off-the-grid water filtration systems, or heritage gardening, or forging metal, or weaving or whatever?
I just kinda wonder how these people are getting through the warfare in the streets, because that's what this is about - it's not about what you do after. Yarn and clean water aren't going to protect your soft human flesh and osteoporotic bones.

For the record, I'm thinking about the Middle east when the oil runs out. No psychic twaddle.

Obviously you'd call that hack Fertile Crescent, were it to exist for serious.