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The Defend move, p.54, has as one option the ability to deal damage equal to your level.  A high-level PC whose class damage is usually 1d4 or 1d6 would thereby deal considerably more damage than an average Hack and Slash or Volley.  This strikes me as an odd result, but YMMV.

The Aid or Interfere move, p.62, is rolled with "+bond."  Is this defined?  I take it as meaning that you roll with a modifier equal to the number of bonds you have currently with this person, plus the number of bonds you have resolved with this person.  Which provides another incentive to resolve bonds, although over time might make the modifier very high.



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Re: prerelease comments / observations
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Bond is how well your character knows another character. You use Bond to aid another character or interfere with their actions. Bond is about knowledge and not about how well you get along or how similar you are. Bond may also be asymmetrical: the Fighter might know the Wizard very well, but the Wizard doesn't pay much attention to the Fighter. Your Bond with someone starts based on your history with them. Each class has starting bonds with blanks to fill in names. When you roll+Bond, count the number of Bonds you have with that person and add that to the roll.

I have always played this as current bonds (not resolved ones). This reflects how well you know the person now, as opposed to who they used to be.

With Defend, you have it right, but hey, they are high level characters, and you have to be fictionally defending something. To do it, you have to do it yeah? The move doesn't specify how you deal that damage. It isn't hack and slash, so it could be any appropriate fictional cause the player comes up with.

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There's no such thing as "resolved bonds" because once they're resolved, you cross them off.  they're gone forever! 

+bond = +1 for each time they appear on your bond list.