The Viking art of Single Combat

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The Viking art of Single Combat
« on: August 20, 2010, 04:50:39 PM »
Sadly, I haven't gotten around to playtesting my new combat move for this game yet, but I want to speak about the intent behind it, even if I don't know if it works at all.

The duel scene in the 13th Warrior has long been a favourite of mine, as well as the whole idea of a Holmgang in general. I felt that the AW "combat rules" (although there really aren't any) would not be able to handle such an exchange of blows.

Basically what I want to see is a couple of people banging on each other's shields until one breaks or someone gets a luck pass and then it's all over very fast. I guess I could model this accurately with a bunch of extra rules and rewrites but I wanted to keep it as simple and non-intrusive as possible. I hope the get into a fight move does its job.

Re: The Viking art of Single Combat
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I need to reread this move, as I'm hoping to do something similar in my hack