The Stats

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The Stats
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The Stats:

  • Gritty, meaning abrasive, rough, ambitious, tenacious, confident, gutsy, intimidating, hot-blooded.
  • Quick, meaning alive, fast, bold, daring, eager, ready, speedy, savvy.
  • Stoic, meaning indomitable, cold, composed, nonchalant, collected, level-headed, self-controlled, placid.
  • Suave, meaning attractive, sophisticated, articulate, smooth, impressive, persuasive, charming, captivating.
  • Wary, meaning calculating, watchful, vigilant, leery, alert, attentive, observant, clever.

These are the basic stats, but there is also potential for additional stats like History, Reputation and maybe something like Lucky to parallel weird. I haven't decided how important weird is. Notice there are 5 "base stats" without the weird parallel. I've broken it down so the "Aggro" move and "Seize" move are different, with Gritty being the aggro stat and Quick being the seize stat.
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Re: The Stats
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I'm always going back and forth with the stats.

Quick is the first stat I wrote down. It has many definitions that work across several meanings, idioms and that famous "quick and the dead" quote used so many times in Westerns (where quick means alive, but in a gunfight could double as speed - the faster gun is alive).

Quick started as the Sharp parallel, but I moved it over to the stat used for "Seizing..." (which is actually more like "Claiming..." in Western world - to stake a claim, claim a life, etc...). But, Quick didn't seem right for "Going Aggro" so, I added Gritty and broke up those two moves.

Right now, there's two basic moves that are very similar to their AW counterparts (at the moment):

When you claim something by force... roll+quick.
When you threaten with brutality... roll+gritty.

However, something I've also considered is using Quick as the "Weird" parallel and making it something entirely different, though still used for the classic showdown. Essentially, making a showdown a distinct act that defines the setting somewhat.

I don't know. The stats are still in flux. Thoughts are welcome.
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Re: The Stats
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I kind of like that idea of making quick a little broader and also giving gunfighting it's own move to emphasize it. If you do draw in some of the "weird" flavor that the alive meaning of quick, I'd like the bleed over of making gunfighting based on your vitality and such like.

The other stats sound good to me too.

Re: The Stats
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Maybe a distinction between a steady, focused shot (Wary) and quickdraw (Quick)?

Or maybe a special move:
   Sniper: When you steady yourself and focus for a shot, roll +wary to gun-fight.