[New Idea]Heritage Classes (Example: The Dragonmarked)

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[New Idea]Heritage Classes (Example: The Dragonmarked)
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So, I’m not in any way sure that this is the best way to do this.  The more I look through various settings and add-ons for Dungeon World, the more I start to feel like I’m adding all sorts of useless-doohickies to something that doesn’t need the added complexity.  Also, I’m getting that “Making things that neither I, nor anyone else, will ever use/wasting my time/should just go eat fudge” feeling.

Anyways, my delving into the Psion has made me look back at Eberron and remember just how much I enjoy that setting.  Now, there’re a lot of complications that Eberron includes that wouldn’t be particularly Dungeon World-esque… over-complications, if you will.  But you can’t run Eberron World without including the Dragonmarks in some way.  So, here’s my little idea.

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In order to take a Heritage Class, your history must include some prerequisites.  If you are qualified to take a Heritage Class, while in character creation, you may replace your Racial Move with a Heritage Move.  Characters with a Heritage Move can then take a number of other Heritage Moves as if they were class Moves whenever they level up.

Example Heritage Class:


You are the scion of one of Eberron’s great Houses, gifted with a birthmark that pulses with arcane might.  In order to be Dragonmarked, you must be the child (legitimate or otherwise) of a member of one of the Dragonmarked Houses.  When you choose this Heritage Class you may replace your usual Racial Move with the following Heritage Move:

You gain a magical birthmark of twisting, scintillating lines.  This birthmark marks you as an important person in the world of Eberron, a scion of one of Khorvaire’s great economic powers.  Choose one Mark and its associated move.  Make sure that the Mark and its associated House fits with your race/family/history (the complexities of which are too much for this fan-conversion):
-   Detection – see something hidden.
-   Finding  - discover where something small is.
-   Handling – calm an animal.
-   Healing – cure a sickness.
-   Hospitality – make a small meal.
-   Making – fix a small broken object.
-   Passage – find a shortcut.
-   Scribing  - instantly write a message.
-   Sentinel  - spot danger.
-   Shadow – hide in darkness.
-   Storm – create a burst of wind.
-   Warding – protect a person from harm.

Whenever you Make Camp lose any previous Hold and Hold 1.  You may spend that Hold to activate your Mark’s move as if it were a monster move.   You may also spend this Hold to activate a Dragonmark-activated item.

Once you’ve taken the Lesser Dragonmark move, you may take the following moves whenever you level up as if they were part of your class’s move list:

 Gain 2 Hold when you Make Camp, instead of 1.

Gain your class’s Race Move.

When you use your Least Dragonmark move, you may alter the move.  Choose one of the following:
-   Add the word “large” to the move or change the word “small” to “large”
-   Add the word "many" or change the word “a” to the word “many”
-   Add the phrase “far away”
For instance, when using the Mark of Scribing, you could use your Lesser Dragonmark power to “instantly write many messages”, “instantly write a large message” (a book could be considered a large message), or “instantly write a message, far away”.  You may only make one of these changes with any usage of the Least Dragonmark move.

Requires:  Lesser Dragonmark
When you use your Least Dragonmark move, you may add any or all of the changes from Lesser Dragonmark.
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Re: [New Idea]Heritage Classes (Example: The Dragonmarked)
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Hmmm, never played Eberron, however I do like the idea of a Heritage Class, it's the answer to some of my hack issues :)