[Class Draft] The Corrupter

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[Class Draft] The Corrupter
« on: July 17, 2012, 04:55:26 PM »
A new class I've drafted. It's rather setting-specific and won't work in every campaign, but maybe some people will like it! :)

Feedback and questions always welcome!

- Alex

The Corrupter
   Long ago, when you were just a boy, your father's brothers delved deep deep beneath the mountain. They cracked a great rift deep beneath the earth, found treasures and riches innumerable. But something else lay buried there - they delved too deep! Now, the corruption spreads like a sickness, bringing the breath and touch of the ruinous ones. Now, you - and others like you - bear the mark of the gods outside reality, the great terrible mad ones who seek to warp this world to their own image. What will you do with this power, corrupter? How will you survive?

   Tired eyes, mad eyes, evil eyes, hopeful eyes
   Wasted body, diseased body, gluttenous body, lanky body
   Booming voice, whispering voice, quivering voice, eager voice
   Tattered clothes, rich clothes, rune-inscribed clothes, plain clothes
   Dwarf: When you go deep beneath the earth and listen to the howl of the ruinous ones, roll+wis. On a hit, ask a question (any!) and the GM will answer. On a 7-9, you're also harried by visions of doom and terror - the GM will detail. Maybe these visions are true, maybe not.
   Evil: Corrupt or pervert something sacred.
   ____ has caught a glimpse of the darkness beneath; I will show them the truth
   ____ follows the old gods; I will prove the might of the ruinous ones
   ____ hopes to redeem me. Perhaps it is too late
   ____ gives me hope for the world. I will protect them as best I can
   Corrupted: You're tainted by dark powers beyond mortal ken. You have a new score, corruption, which can vary from -3 to +3; it starts at +1. When you'd defy danger and fail, you may increase your corruption to reroll (if your corruption has reached it's maximum value, you automatically re-roll failed defy danger rolls the first time). See corruption for other ways to gain and lose corruption.
   Corrupting Touch: When you lay hands on someone and speak dark words, they take damage equal to your class+corruption (ignores armor). If you try to use this in battle, roll+dex. On a 10+, you manage to touch them. On a 7-9, choose one:
      - you've got to maneuver to touch them, putting you in danger
      - you unbalance yourself and take -1-forward
   Dark Armor: When you'd take damage, you can conjure dark forces to repel the attack. If you do, roll+corruption and lose 1 corruption. On a 10+, you repel the attack. On a 7-9, you repel the attack if you still have positive corruption. On a miss, you repel the attack, lose another corruption, and gain a debility as your soul's darkness manifests in your body.
   Lure of Death: When you take your last breath, roll-corruption.
   Spreading Darkness: When you spend time in a steading (at least a few days), roll+corruption. The GM will ask you to roll again for every few weeks you stay there. On a 7-9, the GM will choose one. On a 10+, he'll choose two. In either case, he'll detail what happened.
      - something living in the steading gets seriously sick
      - people leave the steading
      - the steading loses food or prosperity
      - the steading attracts unwelcome attention
   Temptations & Madness: When the dark forces you serve prompt you to do something you'd really rather not, roll+corruption. On a hit, choose one. On a 10+, both. Either way, it's defying danger to act contrary to the dark forces' intentions.
      - if you do it, increase or reduce corruption by 1 (your call)
      - if you do it, mark XP

   You can gain corruption in the following ways
      - kill a defenseless person
      - blaspheme a god and harm their followers
      - engage in dark rituals
      - make sacrifices to the ruinous ones
      - spend time in a dark, corrupted place
   You can reduce corruption in the following ways
      - sacrifice something of yourself for a greater good
      - offer blessings and worship in a house of a god
      - spend time and effort in contemplation of the world, away from the corruption
      - heal or repair corruption of the world
      - solidify your sanity through study, meditation, and exercise

Re: [Class Draft] The Corrupter
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2012, 05:53:52 PM »
A class that is only for Evil Dwarves?  NICHE!  :D

I think it's interesting that its actually EASIER for them to die.  Afterall, a Corruptor is probably going to try to keep his Corruption high.

I think Temptations and Madness is a bit weak right now.  It doesn't really give any idea as to HOW the Dark Forces are putting you in danger... it just says that you're in danger.  I think you need a little more flavor in that one.

Re: [Class Draft] The Corrupter
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MrPrim, I believe the word you're looking for is "nice"! You've added an "h". :p

In terms of race and alignment, it is intended to help build the world. It's easy to imagine other races, of course, especially as the corruption spreads. For the alignment, yes,  they begin evil, but don't need to stay that way.

For temptations, yeah, I suppose it's vague. It's supposed to be similar to the clause in AW's manipulation move. The intent is that you're distracted, confused, dazed, etc... and need to (memtally) defy danger. Needs to be clearer.

- Alex