Just Outside the City: Letters to the Characters and thinking up new fronts.

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Padriac, J.J., K.K., Barry, Brandy, you probably should not read this.

We took a few weeks off, some folks longer than others.  Seemed like a good time for this kinda thing.

Thoughts and comments on the letter-moves is appreciated.  Making moves is something I am still getting used to.

Dear Bullet,

Man, autumn is just flying by.  The clock is ticking and when it hits 12, it'll be winter.  You have time to get a few things done, but not everything done and shit, things might just go wrong.

Roll +sharp on a 10+ choose 3 to have ready to roll before winter.

On a 7-9, choose 1 and you can bust your ass trying to get any of the rest to happen in-game but it is going to be rough...getting Apoc Worlders together is like herding fucking cats.

On a miss, its all in the air, half done and the game is going to start rough, really rough.

You have the barter stowed, the crew gathered and the roads cleared from West Point to the city.  Time for some fucking high horsepower commerce.  Let's roll...

You have bedded a fine lady, a classy older gal who used to be a biker mama but her man got killed on a run into the city two years back or so.  She takes care of ya and Rubbin seems to like her well enough.

West Point is solid,+1 armor should the hold be attacked because its such a solid ole fort.

You managed to put a spy among the Garden-...among the fucking cannibals.  He sends back word via Gams every week or so about their plans, problems and movements.

The MC

Dear Baby,

If shooting someone meant you inherited their mess, you'd never have shot Kipsie in the first place...amiright?

Roll +Hard...

On a 10+ Choose 3.

On a 7-9, Choose 1.

On a miss, Kip-town is going to show you its teeth.

The Kipsie's Parents, Turk and Mary, were not only giving him pointers in political science but also teaching him how to use the Psychic Maelstrom and they are willing to teach you some if you will apprentice yourself to them a bit.

The Road Demons and Baby's Boys have gotten a little competitive, raiding up north, seeing which gang can bring in the better hauls.  They keep bringing you back cooler and cooler shit.  +2 Barter.

You inserted Shit-head among the Road Demons and it paid off, you have some insight into their leader, Monk.  Ask 3 questions from Read a Person or Read a Sitch (choose one, not 2 from one and 1 from another) about the leader of those savage bastards.

You've bedded one of the Green Mountain Boys and he seems like he is ready to tell you some McGillicutty clan secrets...all you have to do is push him a bit or maybe you don't push him at all and just keep his fine ass around for fun.

The MC

Dear Dent,

What have you been doing with your time, big guy?  Let's see where you are starting tonight's game.

Roll +hard to see how your hammer is-a-swingin'.

on a 10+, you are kicking the shit out of something/someone and life is glorious and when you get home, Ugly will be waiting for ya.

On a 7-9, you are kicking the shit out of something/someone and shit just got complicated and Ugly is in a bit of trouble when you get home.

On a miss, you are getting your ass kicked and shit just got complicated on top of it all and on top of that, Ugly is in big trouble.

The MC

Dear Marsh,

Welcome back.  Shit is different.  Your crew controls the southern Hudson.  What weird shit do you want to start with upon your return?

Roll +Weird

On a 10+ you can choose any of the items below and start the game in the midst of it, things going as well as can be expected in this Apocalypse World of ours.  Ask any 3 questions from Read a Sitch to get started.

On a 7-9 you are in the midst of any one of the situations below and shit is just about to get complicated, not a total mess yet but you know, this ain't the World-That-Was no more.  Ask any one question from Read a Sitch.

On a miss, choose any one of the situations below and its bad, really bad.

    * You have been undercover with the ENNE, the Radioactive Religion and their priests trust you, respecting your psychic powers as some kind of kinship with their odd deity.
    * You have brought a community of Native American tribal folk away from Salt City to either Kip-town or West Point and are getting them settled in.
    * You are hip deep in the Psychic Maelstrom, meeting with powerful psychic bastards like you from all over the east coast, having a meeting.

The MC

Dear Saffron,

Welcome back, madame.  Your joint has moved to West Point, since Bear is now just a shitty squid-eater barge crossing and not a full-on Bridge-Town.  How's the joint doing?

Commerce is Mr. Bullet's number 1 priority, so roll +Hot

On a 10+, choose 3 from the fine-ass wine list and none from the shitty whiskey list.

7-9, one from each.

On a miss, its all whiskey, no chaser, all grimace, bottoms up.

Fine-ass Wine List
 - You have been hosting the pit-fights that West Point uses as law and are much beloved by the locals and its fight night tonight!
 - You have a lover who has some powerful connections.  Who is it?
 - A group of girls just walked into your joint, refugees from Bumfuck, No-where and they want to sign on for work at your joint.
 - Stomp has settled right in as your new bouncer and his masked mug is a welcomed sight.  Everyone feels pretty safe, all things considered.

Shitty Whiskey List
 - You were just notified that Stomp was found with your prettiest girl and she is busted up, probably won't make it through the night.
 - A group of good looking young fellas with black homespun suits, fine barter and flashy assault rifles just settled in to your common room; one of the girls tells you that the other girls won't do no fucking with no cannibals...yeah, the lads' teeth are filed sharp.  Shit.
 - Gams is refusing to sell her shit to your girls and a few are going through some nasty withdrawl, unable to work.  You hear she's in West Point somewhere.

The MC

Thoughts and comments on the letter-moves is appreciated.  Making moves is something I am still getting used to.

Thinking about new fronts.  The city needs its own front, brutes to represent the fractured dozens to hundreds of gangs with no clear leader since Dog head was hammered by Dent and a labyrinth to represent the mess downtown Manhattan has become since the streets have caved in and some buildings have fallen.

The North should be its own front, with the McGuillicutty family ruling over New England from their fortress in the Green Mountains.

Albany starting to get hopping with a bunch of manufactories starting up, ruled by a guy who will be a slaver on paper but if you told him that his workers/employees were slaves, he'd be really fucking upset.  Again, I like this guy (as in, I like hating him), Mr. W/the Wizard/Mr. Wiz at the crux of the Mohawk and Hudson rivers.

Thoughts and comments all around appreciated.  Thanks for reading.



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Hey Judd,
Hope you had a good time at the 10/10/10 con. Sorry I missed it!

I really like the focus of your letters. Immediate, direct and in the characters faces. What are you gonna do about that shit now?

With regards to fronts, I also dig the nearby / far away musings. Folk always wonder about fabled / infamous places - even in AW - all the while dealing with the shit on their canvas flap of a doorstep. Cool. Our AW needs a fortress too, that's a great idea.

So, this bedraggled kid wanders into the hold all torn up spouting fearful commentary about the war with the Fortress in the mountains. What's up with that? Sick.

Keep the AP's rollin in mate, they rawk.



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Thanks for the kind words, Noofy.

I am honestly not sure if the game will be able to survive my scheduling woes this semester.  We'll see how it shakes out.



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I like your happy list/sad list approach.  Do you mind saying when you use that and when you just went with the straight up list?  I get that Dent's list is extra simple, that's really cool.



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I like your happy list/sad list approach.  Do you mind saying when you use that and when you just went with the straight up list?  I get that Dent's list is extra simple, that's really cool.

Thanks, Danny.  We are trying to figure out our scheduling woes and if we work through that, I'll let you know how these lists fly.