New Class: The Battlemind

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Ah, I Focus becomes your ability mod. If you maintain your Focus you will have a high modifier, if you start to use (or lose) your Focus you will not be as effective. Very cool.

It's a bit different design approach to some of the begining classes. I noticed this when I first saw and played the Druid (which I love, btw).

I can see a BM with good con to Defend, or good dex to Volley with thrown items like chinese stars, or good int to Spout Lore that he learned in the monastery, or good cha to be sort of a diplomat with Parley. I wonder what sort of starting gear he has? Robes, a simple weapon of some kind, maybe bandages or poultices and herbs, maybe a bag of books or a Healing potion.

Re: New Class: The Battlemind
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I posted some stuff on Syntax Error, here it is in one place.

For some reason I ended up making one for a Dark Sun DW game, which explains #5 and informed #2.

The sacred chants speak of someone much like ____________, but what their path will be cannot be heard.

I gave ____________ water when they were thirsty.

____________ has a kind soul, this violence must be troubling to them.

It is sad to think, but ____________ is not the sort of person to sacrifice themselves for others.

____________ has the aura of the Defiler about them.

Load: 6+ Str/Strength/half Strength as appropriate to your game
Equipment: Robe, sandals, begging bowl, small bag with 5 rations (1wt)


Hidden Dragon
When you momentarily confuse your opponent, roll +Focus. On a 10+ you exploit the opportunity to disappear, put yourself anywhere within reach unnoticed by your opponent. On a 7-9 your opponent loses track of you but you only gain a fleeting advantage and something else is going to trip you up as established. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable.

Boot to the Head
When you stand your ground against a wave of mooks, roll +focus and make the sound effect for each mook. On a 10+ all the mooks go down from a boot to the head. On a 7-9 you drop all the mooks but choose one.
* Lose an article of clothing
* Lose a weapon
* They get an attack in
On a Miss, the DM makes the Hard Move you have coming for actually using this.