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Skins Ideas
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:40:57 PM »
Hey,I've had some ideas for skins. Those are basically just ideas and I would like to hear from the forum how would they write those skins. I'm planning on writting my draft ont them later, but here are them:

. The mutant/ super hero: Super heroes can be very, heartbreakingly sexy. I think a skin of a super hero would rock so much. I have some ideas, but the main problem is that 'super hero' is such a gigantic group that I dont think I can make a 'skin' about super heroes. Maybe if we considered only one kind, like the 'super strong and fast' like superman, I dont know.

. The Alien: The idea of aliens coming to the world and trying to learn the 'humans' way of life, or even the meanning of love. Like gyigas in Earthbound, who was once loved, and now vowed revenge. The idea is similar to the selkie, as you are in a different ambient than your own and trying to learn. Other inspiration includes the E.T music of Katy Perry.

. The Angel: Come on! There is the infernalist, but no Angel in the Monsterhearts? Sexy guardian angels, blue eyed beauties that protect or seeks revenge. That would be a hell of a skin.

. The Ancient: Basically, cthulhu. You are an ancient horror, an elder being that seeks for a way in the heart of mankind? Maybe, through love you can achieve your once lost all-knowingly power? Playing a cosmic horror in the body of a horny teenager seems fun, really. A friend of mine is asking me too much for me to create a skin for it.

. The Nephlin: Someone that controls the power of reincarnation and remembers their past lives. I'm not entirely sure if this would be fun or not, but the idea seems cool. Anyone can make something about it?

. The Rock Star: The idea is the same of the Queen: to be a more grounded and normal skin. You are a very talented musician that have a thousand groupies at your feet.

. The Nymph: A beauty that can kill on sight. Maybe a sex maniac? Maybe just a creature from the forest? I think that would be a good skin, just like the succubus (which I've read in this forum and it's amazing)

. The God: I really think that this would be an amazing skin. Like Zeus from mythology that sired demi-gods, playing as a God would be so cool. Think of Haruhi Suzumiya for once. I have some ideas that I will be posting later.

. The Iara: That's a very similar skin to the selkie. The Iara is a brazilian legend, much like the siren. She is a goodess of water which beuaty could kill a man. It's a mix between Siren and Nymph.

. The robot: The machine that must learn how to leave and to understand humans. That's an interesting skin to work with.

Well, those are the ideas. Any commentaries? Any one would like to work on them, give them a try?
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Re: Skins Ideas
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A bunch of those would be good for a more sci-fi themed version of the game, maybe a sort of Roswell meets Starfleet Academy: the Alien and the Robot are natural fits and the Mutant would work with the right background options.

Possibly many of the others would work better as tweaks to existing skins, e.g. the God and the Rockstar could use modified versions of the Queen. I think I'd most like to see the Nephilim as a new skin: immortality, past lives, ancient wisdom, those all sound like they could create great new unique moves. There was a skin called the Mummy being bandied about at some point which had an idea of reuniting with your lover from a past life; maybe it would be worth looking at that again?

Re: Skins Ideas
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Even outside of sci-fi, I think there's room for a skin like the Alien that focuses on not fitting in. Especially with something like the Selkie's Catch of the Day move ramped up a few notches.

I also want to play a Genie, you know, kind of like the other side of the Infernal? The one giving people what they want and making them pay the price for it.

The Evil Twin might be entertaining.

I was also half-considering the Grue, but I realized you could just do it pretty easily as a new move for Ghouls, with a hat tip to Jackson Tegu because it's blatantly inspired by a Sasquatch move.

GRUE: When somebody is somewhere very dark, and you're neither already present, nor bound or constrained elsewhere, you may roll +dark. On a 10+, you're there besides them. On a 7-9, you're there, but Hungry.

Re: Skins Ideas
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I really don't think the god as a modified Queen. The idea behind the god isn't on having subjects adoring him. Zeus, when he became a goose, he did that anonimously. I only remember the Lycan legend when the gods Zeus and Hera appeared and said that they were gods, but the people didn't believe.

When I talk about The God, I think you should have to choose: A Fallen God, A forgotten God, a Questing God or a Sleeping God. A falleng god would be a god that was kicked from heaven and want to ascend again; a forgotten would be one that wants to be remembered; a questing god would be one that is searching for somethin in the human world and the sleeping one would be a god that doesn't realize that he is one.

One of the ideas behind The God is Haruhi:

And, just for fun, for some reason I always remember the goose god of Courage the Cowardly dog:

Re: Skins Ideas
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I made 3 skins but only translated one here:
-Mummy is about reincarnation, devotion to your love (while the mortal is more a parasite of her lover) but waiting for some recognition. Heavily Auspex equiped, it's also inspired by Nephilim 
-Feline is about being independent (and cruel, but you're a cat, so that's normal) and not admitting that you can need help (cat has no master!). But I've never been fully satisfied by the moves I created
-Evil twin is about sociopathy. Inspired by the BBC series Jekyll. The twist is that your "normal side" is being Hyde, and your weakness, your dark side, is being Jekyll (without any special move, and each time you have sexe, you change, in fact this is a skin that should change more frequently than the other). Stats begin at 0, but every "active" move (lashing, turning on, shuting down) is at +1 while more subtle or passive one (manipulating, holding steady and fleeing) are at -1. This skin is quite similar to the werewolf for the "I follow no rules" aspect, but I think I made something different

Re: Skins Ideas
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Please, dont tell me you play really as a cat with the feline, the same way you play as a marmot in the marmot playbook, lol

Re: Skins Ideas
« Reply #6 on: July 11, 2012, 01:57:58 AM »
no, it's more like Tigra or Catwoman,only for the behaviour. In fact the moves are not specially "magical", approximately like the Queen, you can play it like a nearly normal human (who doesn't want to be bound to anyone but who still like to be the center of attention)

Re: Skins Ideas
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Just had the idea of The Minion, when I realized that you could just use The Mortal pretty well for it.

Re: Skins Ideas
« Reply #8 on: July 12, 2012, 01:06:28 PM »
I've had some other ideas:

. The secret Agent: Playing the sorts of james bond would be so interesting. I think that this skin would be awesome

. The Monarch: Playing the very, very rich and opulent child. Have someone seem the korean dorama "Boys before flowers", with Le Ming Ho? Thats the idea: to be someone so disgustingly rich that everything can be achieved, like Richie Rich.

I also think that some 'specialties' skins could be interesting, something in the likes of the 'prestige' classes of d20. For example, I was thinking about "The Damsel in distress", to play the person that always wants to be saved and giving xp to everyone that saves her. Its very similar to the mortal, but not the same thing.