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Werewolf Hack
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Hey guys, I'm mulling over ideas to make a loose Werewolf the Forsaken Hack. I've been inspired by Dungeon World's Druid move for Shape-shifting and got this idea:

Roll+Urge. On a 10+ hold 3. 7-9, hold 2. On a success you take on one of the five forms and get natural bonuses from that form as well as a moves. Spend your holds to use a Form's move. When you spend all your holds you revert to your natural form. In all forms except Gauru, you can opt to "drop" your holds to revert to your natural form.  In Gauru, you have to spend your holds.

Dalu (Near-Man): no bonuses. Move: +1 Fierce

Gauru (Wolf-Man): 3Harm/2Armor. Move: +1 Fierce

Urshul (Near-Wolf): 2Harm/1Armor. Howl (long-distance communication)
Moves: +1 Fierce, or +1 Grace

Urhan (Wolf): 2Harm. Howl (long-distance communication)
Moves: +1 Wits, or +1 Grace, or Cover Ground (long-distance travel)

This is just the start of my brainstorming, simple bonuses to Stats seem a little boring though for Form Moves.

I was also thinking of how to do the Stat Block, maybe something like this?

New Moon: +1 Grace                          Blood Talons: +1 Fierce
Crescent Moon: +1 Wits                      Bone Shadows: +1 Wits
Half Moon:+1 Urge                             Hunters in Darkness: +1 Grace
Gibbous Moon: +1 Allure                      Iron Masters: +1 Allure
Full Moon: +1 Fierce                           Storm Lords: +1 Urge

Then place a free +1 to any of your choosing, if it makes one stat +3, you must subtract one from another stat. Or something like that.

Maybe that's not a good idea...To make Playbooks I would either base them on Moon Auspice or Tribe, then have the other add certain bonuses or something like how Dungeon World's Alignment or Race does to their Class Playbooks.

Whattya Think? Playbooks based on Auspice or Tribe? I'm kind of thinking Tribe. Then Auspice and the pack's Totem could add something a little special the way Alignment and Race do in Dungeon World.

Different Playbooks would add some Gift-like Moves, bonuses to certain Forms, extra holds to certain forms, or the like.
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Re: Werewolf Hack
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How about make auspice and tribe each half-playbooks, so you pick one of each and combine them to get all your moves and stats?