Dr. Monk or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fighter

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While everyone is waiting for the Monk, I thought to write my ideas on how to turn a Fighter into a monk-like character. I had similar ideas for the Cleric->Druid and the Fighter->Barbarian, so hopefully if sometime in the future we will actually see the official Monk, there will be no need for this thing.

First Level
Signature Weapon
type: Fists
range: Hand
enhancements: Perfectly Weighted and Versatile (close). If you're an Elf, you may want Sharp or even Well-Crafted instead of Perfectly Weighted.
look: follow your tastes.

Halflings, Elves and Humans should go with something like dex, wis, con, str, int and cha in order of importance. A Dwarf may want to bump up his con to get the more out of his racial move, switching it with wis.

• chainmail and adventuring gear (I know, you're thinking: WHAT? A Monk in chainmail? Gee, give me a break. Scroll down and read about Divine Protection if you're really impatient)
• 2 healing potions
• antitoxin, dungeon rations, and poultices and herbs

Look & Names
Everything is good here. Even the Battered Helm.

As you level up, you may want to consider these moves:

Fighter Advanced Moves
Seeing Red and Through Death's Eyes
They're cool stuff and go on wis. It's enough for the Monk to want them.

Iron/Steel Hide
We all know how tough is the Monk's body. Basically a no-brainer.

Superior warrior
Another must have to go all crazy wuxia style on the Monk's enemies.

Eye for Weaponry
The Monk knows a lot about weapons. He doesn't use any just because he's actually a living one.

Merciless/Bloodthirsty and Scent/Taste of Blood
These are all good to improve your damage output, but you should ask yourself: is the Monk actually merciless? Does the scent of blood excite the Monk?

Improved weapon (Sharp or Well-crafted)
Nice boon to improve the concept that the Monk's fists are deadlier than a two-handed great-axe.

The other moves either don't fit in the Monk's concept, or are on Charisma so they're useless anyway.

Multiclass Dabbler/Master
Well I don't have to explain why these are golden. I selected moves from every class that fit the classical concept of the Monk and the main variations. Highlighted in red are the juicier moves. In blue the crazy japanese anime stuff.

Duelist's Parry/Duelist's Block
Well no one ever said that all duelists use fancy swords! On the contrary, the Monk actually had lots of one-on-one duels where only fists and kicks were allowed. Take it only after you took Iron/Steel Hide, but consider Underdog/Serious Underdog from the Thief first.

An Ear For Magic
The Monk is famous for his resistance to magic.

Commune & Cast a Spell
While the Monk usually doesn't have actual spells, you can reproduce a lot of his capabilities through them. Since there's no reason to be picky, this is actually one of the best multiclass moves to take.

Turn Undead
The Monk could be a good exorcist if he really wanted to.

Divine Protection/Divine Armor
The Monk wants it. That would mean the Armored move becomes useless, but he's stoic and does not care about it.

This is weird but I can see the Monk doing it. He likes having a third eye. Or four arms.

Bloody Aegis/Indomitable
To be an even tougher Monk! Be cautious or you will find yourself full of debilities.

Staunch Defender/Impervious Defender
Some Dwarves may want this to have more uses of their high con.

Wild Empathy/Wild Speech
If you're the wild, hermit sort of monk.

Familiar Prey/Hunter's Prey
Same here, and also comes on wis.

Viper's Strike/Viper's Fangs
If you really don't want to be Merciless but you need more damage, this is good. Do you have two fists, right?

Smaug's Belly
If you're in need of piercing, take Improved Weapon (Sharp) before this. If you want to just ignore armor on every punch you deliver, take them both.

Shoot First
The Monk is ALWAYS ready for the battle.

Uderdog/Serious Underdog
MONK WANTS MOAR ARMOR - but only if you already took Iron & Steel Hide, and consider Duelist'Parry/Block from the Bard before.

This is what I'm talking about. Hong Kong badassness all around.

Escape Route
Yes! Everything that makes the Monk untouchable is welcomed.

Quick Study
See the Bard's Ear for Magic.

Ethereal Tether
That's actually a nice thing the Monk could want to do. Very mystic.

By Nature Sustained
This is so Monk-like I don't even want to write about it.

Communion of Whispers
If the Monk is more a buddhist sage than a shaolin warrior.

Elemental Mastery
GO TEAM AVATAR! Also, The Storm Riders. I'm such a nerd.

Nice chi-flavourable stuff for the Monk.

Custom Moves
I didn't write anything about reflavouring stuff because that's easy and everyone can do it, there's no need for a post about it. Getting rid of Armored and start right off with Divine Protection, maybe basing its armor on wis; reflavouring the other Fighter moves to make them interesting for the Monk; and even just allowing some extra Multiclass Moves. It's all good. You can do it easily.
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This is a great approach to building a new class: scavenge all the goodness out there already.

This inspires me to write some crazy, golden panda adventure starter.