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AP: Sweetwater Saga
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Hey everybody! I've been playing Monsterhearts since I first got access to the first PDF that Joe let kickstarter backers see, because I just couldn't wait to really dig into this awesome game and its awesome ideas. That means my group of monsterhearts has been playing for a few months now, and we have completed one season and are halfway through a second season as of last week. I want to share what kind of story we've been telling together, and let you in on all the fun we're having.

I will go ahead and share to the best of my recollection and storytelling/story-skimming abilities all that my gaming group has done. Along the way, I will do my best to share mechanics where they come up if they're relevant (like what move was used to make something happen, etc) or talk about how we played things if for some reason we houseruled something, and all that. Consider it director commentary. I'll also do my best to let you in on our experiences around the table as players, as we really got absorbed into this and we have not stopped having fun yet.

So, here we go. I'm going to post the two retrospectives I have first, and then I'll come back to this post and I'll give you the character-generation detail and conversation that helped kick this off and make it happen.

EPISODE 1: Pilot
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This one is long because I detail a bit of Sweetwater, and then the seating chart, and then the first game.
This Monsterhearts Actual Play Retrospective is Mostly Appropriate for Reading By Almost Everyone

Sweetwater Saga
Episode 1: Pilot

We play in the city of Sweetwater, and the teens attend Raybury High on the rural side of the river up by the woods. The woods wrap around the school, sweep up to and behind Anders' house. The woods consist of runner's trailers and such. Up north is a lake and a mental institution and east of that is some suburban housing arrangements for the super wealthy. On the east side of the river is the city proper with blocks and such. Sweetwater is split into three areas by the convergence of two rivers from the north into a single river in the south. An island sits at the forking of the river.

 We played with Anders, the fae whose parents are split and whose mother is super protective of him now; Evelyn, the witch whose dad is actually pretty normal, but her mom is a psycho and is now out of their lives, and whose aunt is a two-bit witch; and Kay, the werewolf whose dad left him and whose mom killed herself and whose sister was given to a different foster family than his and whose foster mom is born again Christian and whose foster dad doesn't care.

We drew up a seating chart with relationship arrows. Oh Jesus christ that map.

So, see: KAY sits next to Morgan who is intrigued/obsessed with him -- Morgan is best friends with Steven who is the only person Kay gets along with. And Kay thinks that Patrick from the soccer team is a douchebag, and he's trying to get Morgan to notice him but she's not so he's flirting with Ansley to make her jealous but Ansley is kind of plain-jane so she thinks Patrick is totally into her for reals. Ansley is friendly enough with EVELYN who hates sitting next to Cathy because Cathy passes notes to Steven (you know, Kay's friend) and is pretending to have the hots for him so she can make Lars (the smart hottie) jealous and catch his attention. Cathy sits next to Angie who is her bestie and also really awkward cause Lars totally likes her and not Cathy but she doesn't know that yet. Next to Angie is Chad, and he's a douchebag and racist and calls her Angie Frank and he also calls ANDERS a fag and says he's boyfriends with Lars cause they're best bros. Behind Lars is Victoria who used to sit in the front cause she wants Mr. Nash's dick, but she got swapped because Evelyn wanted to get away from Tim who keeps trying to get her to buy weed and pills -- but this new arrangement works out I guess, cause even though Victoria now thinks Eve is a slut she can now buy stims that she, Cathy, and Angie can split to get all their homework done and get into college and get their parents off their backs and oh god prom and wow they're so busy oh god. Tim is a total pusher who is trying to be awesome rad and he works with Anders, actually, giving him a really good deal if he sells some of it and kicks the money back to him. Anders tried to sell to Cathy once but her sister caught them and he's not allowed near her now.


It's October.

Anders rides the bus to school, easy peasy no problem. When he gets to school, he catches up with Lars who drives a total pussywagon Winnebago. Lars is volunteering at the high school's "Scare House" tonight so he can talk to Angie, but he wants Anders to volunteer too so he can be his wing man and keep Angie's friends busy! He's desperate so he says to Anders "If you help me with this, I promise I'll owe you one." Anders agrees after the trifecta of Cathy, Victoria, and Angie walk by -- Cathy calling out to Lars about his hot car, Angie awkwardly looking away, and Victoria finger-waving at Anders. (It should be a Principal in the book to always make badly worded promises to the Fae character, but its in the Under the Skin section so close enough!)

Kay misses his bus and so he's totally driven to school by his ultra-conservative mom who wishes he'd open up more and talk to her. He's being cold and distant and moody like he's Edward Cullen by god (I should have had him roll to Shut her Down, but I chose instead to just let it play out and ferment a bad relationship). She drives away crying and Kay heads off to his locker -- followed by Morgan bugging him to hang out with her after school. He blows her off and shuts her down, so she trundles off feeling slighted. Patrick sees her and starts walking with her while texting Ansley quite blatantly.

Evelyn shows up for school and runs into Ansley, texting with Patrick and she's all cutsie-wootsied about it, really happy with the attention. Ansley wants Eve to come to the Scare House, but Eve doesn't think she'll go. She goes to the little girl's room, and Evelyn is left alone long enough to root around in Ansley's backpack to try and nab a sympathetic token. No go though, Ansley comes back -- and I give her a String on Evelyn. She catches her but thinks she's messing with her phone cause she's interested in her "relationship" with Patrick. Ansley now has some pull on Evelyn since she was caught in a lurch.

Anders meets Tim in a hallway of the school, and Tim wants him to come out to his party tonight and help him sell to some out of towners who are swinging by. Anders says no, he's going to the Scare House with Lars. Tim gets frumpy about it, so Anders manipulates and gets a soft hit -- Tim will get off his back about it, if he takes this giant fuck off bag of product and sells it to kids at the Scare House. Anders agrees and away they go.

Later, in class, Cathy is obnoxious and keeps butting into a conversation that Steven is having with Ansley and being a total twat about it to get Lars attention. So Evelyn tries to shut her down but flubs, so Cathy snrks back at her for being a skank and wanting on Steven's dick (getting Evelyn a condition) and the whole class goes "oooooooooooooooooooooooooh~!" at her about it. Then, at the next chance, Evelyn knicks a note of Cathy's off the ground en route to Steven and excuses herself. In the bathroom she performs a ritual and hexes Cathy to tell the truth or suffer headaches -- in returning to the classroom she sees Cathy running out with a nosebleed.

At lunch, Kay is with Steven and he's wigged out by the idea of the weird Evelyn girl wanting to get with him. He likes Cathy, man! He doesn't want Cathy to get wigged out because Evelyn is a skank and all! What should he do? And Kay is flippant and doesn't much care about this nonsense. So Steven basically calls him a douche and throws food at him, harassing him about his own love life problems. What problems? And then Morgan sits down! She brought Kay a fruit cup! She asks him again about hanging out and he again snubs her, actually playing it up to get Patrick to intervene from across the room and get her to leave so he can "copy her notes." Alone again, Kay is all like, okay fine. look Cathy won't care about the Eve thing trust me, she was laughing it up. Now help me with the Morgan thing. So Steve tells him that he needs to stop hamming up this "lone brooder" thing. Morgan is all up in it.

Then Patrick comes back and gets in Kay's face and tells him to stay away from Morgan. Kay says, I can't help that she wants on my dick. Patrick cold-cocks him in the face, 1 Harm. Kay jumps up and gives him a solid-ass gut punch and sends him staggering, 1 Harm. Well, turns out other soccer players are in the room and so some jump him. Two grab his arms and Chad rushes him -- well, he does a terrifying two-footed kick and smashes up Chad's ribs (2 Harm) and so they panic and drop the fight. Patrick calls him a freak and runs for the nurse. Kay is called to the principal's office.

After school, Anders is waiting outside in the rain and bro-bumps Lars as he heads off to get himself ready for the Scare House. Then he sees something moving in the woods and feels himself called towards it. The rain is falling in sheets, and lightning is lancing the sky. Beyond the treeline, the skinny trees rise up all around him and purple columns of light are throne across creeks and fallen logs every time the lightning flashes. Mud is running off of stones as the brooks begin to flood out into the grass and the ground sucks at Anders' feet. And he sees an old bent over knobbly man with skin like wood seated on the roots of a fallen tree. He identifies himself as the old man in the woods of Anders' youth, who gave him a goblin candy (origin: given the fairy gift). Anders wants to know what he wants. He says he wants a playmate. Things start rising up out of the mud, with ears like wolves and noses like bats and when they move they chirp and its like a bird chirping, choking on rat bones. Anders wants to know what he wants to play. The Wound-Wood Man says Hide and Seek. And the things come for Anders.

I told him he could Hold Steady and do something else or Run Away. He Ran Away with an 11, back home -- a 30 minute run through the woods in the torrential downpour, slamming into tree branches, falling down into creek beds, slipping on wet stones and falling off little escarpments.

On the bus, Evelyn sees Cathy with a ringing headache and offers her advil but is a bitch about it (shaking the pills in her face). They exchange words, and Evelyn shuts her down, calling her a Liar (and getting called an outcast in return). Well, Liar is the rumor that propagates, specifically about her making up the story about how Evelyn wants to fuck Steven. Turns out Steven is sitting behind Cathy on the bus, so when he hears this he's relieved... but I play up the conditions a bit and he's all like, "so... she's totally lying... about liking me too, isn't she?" And Eve is like, yeah dude. Well fuck, right? He moves his backpack and Eve sits with him and they just shoot the shit about Cathy being a bitch. Then, it turns out they've both read Dune. Huh. That's cool. Evelyn says she'll hang out with him at the Scare House later.

Kay is in Assistant Principal Lin's office, since Principal Katz just won't deal with this. She gets Kay to admit what he said to Patrick and she's threatening to call his parole officer, since he was in juvenile hall not so super long ago. He wants to manipulate her to not get him in trouble cause he doesn't want to go back -- he wants her to believe he's learned from his mistakes. Soft hit, she'll not call if he does what I say. Lin starts running the pointed toe of her high heels up the inside of his leg and says they can probably work something out and no phone calls will be made. Kay stalls... she goes for the phone... he's up from the chair and then down on his knees. He goes down on her as we cut elsewhere.

Back at Anders' house, he's called up Lars and Lars has skidaddled on over. Anders is freaking out and has cleaned himself up and poured out drinks from his mom's stash for them while he waited. He tries to explain what just happened to him in the woods but it sounds fucking crazy and Lars doesn't get it at all. They're drinking, being pals, leaning in close to whisper in fear... Ander's vulnerability, the light coming in, bent by the beading water on the windows... Lars is apparently turned on and they kiss -- but Lars freaks out and breaks it off and pretends it never happened (Anders gets a String) and they commence the 15 minute awkward drive in silence to the school for the Scare House.

At the Scare House, Evelyn and Steven see Ansley with Patrick. Eve calls out to her to make her stop but no luck, and she's about to go into the Spooky Maze with Patrick all over her. One small excuse to the bathroom and another ritual over a note from Patrick's Grandmother and suddenly Patrick is experiencing Illusory Subtext Where There Is None. He makes a move on Ansley in the tunnel thinking she's dying for it, and she decks him in the mouth so hard that a filling comes loose. Evelyn comes out of the bathroom and sees Ansley looking frumpy about Patrick being an asshole. Well, they decide to terrorize some Middle Schoolers in the Spooky Maze to blow off steam.

Anders does not sell pot to middle schoolers. No. He just refuses, and never planned on that, he ignored that as soon as Tim suggested that earlier. He does sell to high schoolers though, and pulls it off without getting caught by any faculty chaperoning the Scare House. He slips inside to do his wing man duty, and there they are. Lars, Angie, Cathy, and Victoria. Cathy is being loud and trying to make Lars realize how cool she is -- Lars is trying to get some time to talk to Angie. In walks Anders, and he asks Cathy how her nose bleeds are? And she Lies like the Liar she is -- Gush Gush Gush Gush and away she runs screaming. Angie stays behind, and she and Lars get to talk. Anders invites Victoria outside to get high and watch the stars.

Kay shows up, looking for a fucking fight because what the fucking fuck that is some fucking bullshit that happened to him earlier. He's going to beat the shit out of Patrick just on principal now. He finds him in the back hallway washing his mouth out and throwing water on the shiner that growing on his face. Kay tries to manipulate him into throwing the first punch -- soft hit: He'll throw that first punch, Kay, but you'll have to kiss Morgan in front of him. He finds Morgan and tells her that he'll kiss her -- and she's taken aback. She likes him, but she's not a slut. He's like, okay, no look, kiss me and we'll hang out next week. Soft hit on manipulate!! Okay, yes BUT not hang out, Kay -- it has to be a real date and everything. Okay fine. And bam they're macking like whoah.

Patrick sees this and storms over, screaming his head off -- he throws Kay into a wall (werewolf, big deal) and throws Morgan into a wall (110lb 16 yr old girl ouch jesus damn). Tells Kay to stay the fuck away from her and is fucking angry -- Kay wants to get between the two of them, because this isn't what Kay wanted. He Holds Steady and is between Patrick and Morgan, and he soaks the punch that Patrick throws at him (1 Harm). Kay is screaming back at him now, shouting him down for freaking out just because he can't land the girl, what a pussy are you Patrick! (Conditions: Psycho, Violently Jealous). A crowd has gathered, they're judging Patrick like hard and so he bails in a huff.

Kay helps Morgan up and asks if she's okay. She says yeah she guesses. She hurts all over but nothings broken, she thinks. She looks at Kay and is all "you're totally keeping that date promise after this." Kay is all, yeah, I am. He asks her if she needs someone to walk her home, and she says that'd be nice. So off they go together, walking her home.

Evelyn, Ansley, and Steven see this fight happen but can't get to Morgan to help her while Patrick is flipping his shit (remember, Steven is Morgan's best friend). But, Kay resolves it and everything looks okay, so Steven gets out of Kay/Morgan's way and lets them have their walk. Instead, Evelyn, Ansley, and Steven go out for coffee and suddenly -- at the end of this session -- Evelyn now has two friends, when to begin she had none and barely any Strings to speak of.

EPISODE 2: You're all I have
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This Monsterhearts Actual Play Report Retrospective is Mostly Appropriate for Reading By Almost Everyone

Sweetwater Saga
Episode 2: You're all I have
Last time: Evelyn cursed Cathy to nosebleeds when she lies, Kay broke student Chad's ribs and was sent to (and molested by) the assistant principal, Anders was chased through the woods by fae horrors and in a panicky huff accidentally made out with his best friend Lars, Evelyn hexes Patrick to get him off Ansley who punches him in the mouth when he tries to take advantage, Anders sells drugs, Kay eggs Patrick into brawl by making out with Morgan and then takes some punches for her after Patrick hurts her, and Evelyn makes friends.

So we jump forward a bit, to the end of the week so we can get to the good stuff the audience actually wants to see: Kay going on a date. But before we get to that, other stuff is afoot. Woohoo, Friday Night in Sweetwater.

We get introduced to Tynan, the vampire and general all-around asshat. He's come to Sweetwater after getting chased out of Ireland by some bad, bad people. He's taken up living in an old family home in northern Sweetwater, up in the plantations, all alone. He's taken to prowling Raybury High for his food, and has enrolled -- in his time there he has already fed on Angie, slighted Victoria sexually, and has begun to pursue Morgan as his prime meal.

Elsewhere, with the school day ending, Kay is trying to get out of his date with Morgan because it turns out its the night of a full moon -- but no luck on that Manipulate check at all, so he's going to have to go see Doc Brown, his... "specialist" for his condition. He takes a moment at lunch to talk to his bro Steven and he's a font of advice: take her to the amusement park man. Ladies love amusement parks. Win Morgan a stuffed animal. Kay thinks this is kind of dumb.

Meanwhile, Anders has a heart to heart with Lars about what happened and they get through it cause they're true bros and they resolve to put it behind them. Course, their heart-warming moment is derailed when Tim shows up, looking like a wreck, and bullying Anders. Y'see, the other night at his party, he got mugged and his product was stolen and he's wanting Anders to come help him get it back since its all Anders' fault the goods were knicked, obviously. Anders says no, and Tim pulls a gun on him and is throwing a fucking tantrum -- Anders spends a String since Tim Promised to Leave Him Alone last Episode, and Tim screws up something simple at a critical moment. His gun backfires in his hand, shredding it with metal shards and he starts freaking out and raving on the ground. Anders dives into Lars' Winnebago and they deuce the hell out before any attention is aimed at them.

Evelyn heads out to work, and that's all bubblegum and fundrops with a little chit chat with Ansley while she reshelves. Her boss hassles her about getting back behind the counter, so its back to the barista's grindstone -- and through the window she spots her dad out to lunch with a woman... her crazy-ass psycho mom. She dials her dad just to be sure, and he lies about where he's at and who he's with. Evelyn gets out of the phone call and decides, nuts to this horseshit, and makes plans with Ansley to go out when she's off work. No way she's going home.

Out at Doc Brown's clinic, Kay talks to the Doc about going out tonight on his date. Brown is telling him that's completely out the question. No way, kid, its a full moon tonight and you know what it does to your condition. Well, Kay feels like he has to go, so he's going to. C'mon Doc, you've got a drug you can dope me with, you've done it before, and I'll be safe. Still not working out, so Kay soft hits a Manipulate and makes a deal to undergo the invasive surgery that Brown has been wanting to perform on Kay for a while now. Brown agrees, says they'll do it later, and drugs him to keep him from transforming during his date and sends him off.

At Anders' house, he and Lars are drinking wine straight from the bottle after the horseshit that Tim got up to pulling that gun on Anders. Lars is telling Anders that he needs to call the cops on Tim, but Anders is saying no. It reaches a head when Lars grabs the phone to make the call and Anders Turns Him On for a String, and Spends it to Manipulate with a soft hit: Okay, Anders, I won't call the police -- but you'd better do it soon or I'll call them myself, is Lars' ultimatum. The sexual tension is palpable, but Lars deuces out to leave Anders to his recuperating.

Evelyn and Ansley head out to The Gutters, an arcade pizza bowling place that the kids go to to get their jollies on weekends. They're out, having a fun fun time, when Evelyn sees across the establishment her new-found friend Steven talking to... Tim of all people! He's seeming hassled and Tim is seeming off-kilter, and he's got one hand jammed into his jacket and he's acting a little crazy. Curious about what the hell is going on, she zones out into the Abyss and sees a panicking, mangled Tim freaking out when police start combing campus looking for the kid who pulled the gun on a student. Now he's been dialing up everybody he's peddled to before and is trying to work every angle of blackmail and favors to get himself out of town. Evelyn tells Ansley to go get them some snacks from the bar and she heads over to Steve and Tim. Some attitude and smarm pisses Tim off and gets Eve backed into a corner by the feverish and desperate drug dealer -- secluded away from witnesses, she chants in tongues and suddenly Tim's head is swimming in demonic visions and its the worst trip ever. He has a seizure and Eve starts screaming, she gets punched with the shrapnel hand as he spazzes but Tim gets tackled by Steven and Josh Anderson.

Josh, y'see, is this big ol' football player of a highschool hunk and he works the counter of the bowling alley. So, with Tim on the ground having a fit and bystanders ringing up police, Josh helps Evelyn into the bathroom to clean up the cut over her eye. Josh is the kind of guy who has a class ring and totally wears it all the time, and Evelyn knows him as "the guy who killed that dog once," since he was the subject of a really nasty rumor last year. But he seems okay enough and he's checking on her and wondering why she put herself in a dark corner with Tim and Evelyn plays dumb like a gem and Josh just thinks she damseled and he white knighted. But while they're talking -- and there's no chemistry as far as Eve is concerned -- Evelyn eyes his class ring and with a little sneakery she pockets it without Josh any wiser.

Elsewhere, the old classy style rotary phone rings in Tynan's manor. It's Victoria, sexually snubbed by Tynan weeks ago, and she wants Tynan to come out tonight and hang with the crowd. He's so dreamy and cool and should make friends and blah blah blah blah and Tynan isn't too super hip on the idea of going out with Victoria, since she wants on his dick so badly and his Sex Move means that's a bad juju of an idea. He decides the best bet is to stay with a group, so he tells her to find some other people for the hang out session and he'll be game.

Short interlude where Victoria calls up Anders to get him to go with her and some others to the movies. Anders is pretty okay buddies with Victoria so he goes along with it and he calls up Lars. Which is awkward cause Lars is all Seriously? You want to go out? After TIM? Did you call the cops yet?? Anders is all I will I will and I'm pretty sure spends a String to twist Lars into going along with him and Victoria. Anders call Victoria back and they're all to meet at the mall.

So: Sweetwater has an amusement park on its boardwalk, and that's where Kay and Morgan are going on their date that night. Kay doesn't have a car or anything so they just kind of meet there, and it's pretty legit. Kay has tried to neaten himself up -- jeans without holes and such, and he's tried to part his hair all classy-like. It makes him look kind of dumb, and he's tense and awkward cause its a big bright full silvery moon and Kay is dosed up to his eyeballs in drugs for his "condition." Morgan looks pretty, but isn't super showy or anything... it's just not how she rolls. So they get their date on and they find themselves at the top of the ferris wheel, because its Morgan favorite ride. Kay is kind of incredulous. I mean, come on, the ferris wheel is the least of a ride ever, right? Well, Morgan says she loves to ride it at night because of what happens to the water.

They ride on up and as their car stops at the top, Morgan is shivering and Kay gives her his jacket and they look out on the water. Its this big glassy still mirror of reflected colors, so its like this obsidian plate streaked in red yellow and orange vertical lines and a big thick silver figure eight hangs in it as the water mingles with black sky and all the lights from the docks, boats, and city shine into the water and Kay is all "okay, yeah, that is nice." But gruff and werewolfy.

At the Mall, Tynan shows up early and is waiting for everybody else... but he's hungry. So, he finds a guy all by himself in the foodcourt, and he looks kind of panicky or anxious. So, Tynan swoops in and is all hey what's up you okay bro? The guy, whose name is Zach, explains that he's trying to find a present for his boyfriend. They've been dating a couple months, but its serious. They're in love. So, Tynan -- the helpful vampire that he is -- tells him that he'll show him a cool shop that's just what he needs. This involves leading Zach down a shady hallway and Zach resists, but a successful manipulate gets him to follow. Then, Tynan latches on and drains him of some blood and rounds out the meal by skullbashing Zach into the concrete wall before walking away and joining Anders, Lars, Victoria, Angie, Cathy. Zach isn't dead though -- Tynan just wanted to inflict some of the ol' ultraviolence.

Evelyn rejoins Ansley at the table, along with Steven and there is tension. So Ansley, a smart cookie, excuses herself. With her gone, Steven tears into Evelyn for interfering and getting herself hurt -- to which Evelyn responds sardonically, wanting him to explain what the hell was going on. Some manipulating later, Steven groans and opens up about how he bought off Tim once -- just once -- and never again. But Tim was harassing him, demanding money and such, cause he wanted out of town. He basically threatened that if he got caught, he'd bring down everybody he'd ever dealt to. Steven got scared... he wants to get into MIT! Evelyn and Steven make peace cause all is well and then Ansley comes over and they hang for a bit before deucing out cause Ansley wants to check out the boardwalk.

On the boardwalk, Kay and Morgan are off the ferris wheel and on the edge of the pier checking out the water and talking. And then Patrick shows up, and he's still ticked off about the other night when Kay was a douchebag and he still wants Morgan, He's got with him some friends from the soccer team who think Patrick is the tits, and some of them are also sporting some rebar -- some of that like twisted up iron piping in construction? Some of that stuff, and they're dragging it in one hand like a golf club or a hockey stick and they're making threats at Kay.

Kay puts Morgan behind him and shit escalates. The fight wears on with some pretty nasty stuff -- Kay gets whipped pretty good with the piping but he shatters one of the gangers' legs with a good catch and twisty-twist. But the fight isn't in his favor, so he grabs Morgan and they Run. That roll is kind of blundery. If I recall, they fail and so they're caught in the crowds, still being chased by this hormonally-charged gang of agressive soccer players with weapons.

The crappy movie lets out and that flock of people make a night of it and so everyone winds up on the boardwalk, stuck in this ringed crowd of on-lookers too stunned by brazen violence to shout out or intervene or anything. Its a huge dose of Standerby Syndrome as families and friends watch these soccer brutes lay into Kay -- and then Anders, of all people, pushes through the crowd and hollers down one of them... sort of. He fails to make them back off and gets cold-cocked in the nose for it, and blood goes everywhere. But it gives Kay the chance to get up... and that's good... cause the drugs are wearing off and The Wolf is howling in his brain and he hauls off and knocks Patrick into the river and then he follows suit with a nasty tumble. They disappear and finally people are panicking and screaming and the police are being called while Lars checks on Anders and helps him up.

Ansley, Steven, and Evelyn have been watching all this too from the edge of the crowd -- and around this time Evelyn and Steven spy Morgan who has wandered off from the crowd with a dull look in her eyes. They follow after her, and find her behind a two-bit ring-toss stall simply standing up against the wall as the new kid Tynan gets up in her grill and is all over her. Tynan sees Steven and BOOM out comes the Hypnosis to make him back off, Miss, and Steven isn't even looking him in the eye cause he's too busy burying a whopping fist into Ty's mouth. Tynan staggers back and is all like Bwuh? Whuh? OW. Evelyn puts herself between Tynan and her friends and Tynan is trying to explain that Morgan is stunned by the violence, just STUNNED! and he is helping her recuperate back here behind the shack alone together.

Evelyn lets it rip, chanting in eldritch tongues, sparks fly, and Tynan's hair transforms from dark brown into pale blond and he deuces out from the crazy people yelling at him in the alley. A little bit of shaking and talking and Morgan comes to and she's in a panic because she's in a new place and Kay is gone and oh god Steven they had pipe and they wouldn't stop beating him oh god. They tend to her, some Manipulation gets her to calm down, and they walk her out past the suddenly present police line and after a brief time giving statements they're permitted to go. Steven drives Morgan home and then drops off Evelyn and everything seems okay, although Steven does kind of watch Evelyn leave a bit longer than normal, a little confused about what he saw tonight.

Back the pier, Anders sits in an ambulance and his nose is being examined and treated. All seems well, and Lars has told him everything will be okay. The crowd of EMTs part and the last thing Anders sees is Lars talking to a police officer, looking sad, hanging his head... the police officer looks at Anders, and then the ambulance doors shut and off to the hospital he is taken.

On the little island in the middle of the river, the one often used by Senior classes for their graduation night camp out, Patrick awakens under a tangle of roots and amidst the dirt. Over him looms Kay in his Darkest Self: a ripped, furry, ten-foot wolf-man of bone-stretching, sinew-bulging, slathering-maw'd proportions. Kay fucks around with Patrick a lot. Pitches him around, roars at him, lets him run then catches him and howls and stamps on him and laughs. Patrick cries and screams. He soils himself. Kay breaks his legs. Kay rips him to shreds and eats him alive.

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Ooooh, sweeeeeeet....

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Your game is awesome, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
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Thank you for your kind words and your enjoyment! I have a 3rd Episode outlined and awaiting transfer from my phone to the computer, so that will probably be up by the end of the week. I also have an important edit to make to the end of Episode 2, so keep an eye out for that change coming up.