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Hey everyone.

I have a question regarding the condition "Drained". The thing is, English isn't my first language, not that that's usually a problem, so maybe I simply don't have the right understanding of the condition. Am I right in assuming it means tired/busted/weary/numb/fatigued?

Thank you in advance.

P.S, would someone PLEASE comment on the gargantuan actual play I posted on storygames???

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In answer to your question, yes, that's pretty much right: tired, exhausted, listless, unenergtic, apathetic, etc, are all good synonyms for 'drained.' There are also emotional connotations to being drained however: having run a marathon, you might feel exhausted, but having had a fight with your loved one or just finished some labour of love by working through the night, you are likely to feel 'drained.'

As to your other point, I'll get right on it, as soon as someone comments on my Chrysalis skin... ;-)

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Consider the Chrysalis commented!