A New Way To Be Scared

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A New Way To Be Scared
« on: June 06, 2013, 01:31:15 PM »
Greetings friends and shadows on the wall,

Have you ever felt like you just don't fit in with everyone else? No one wants to be your friend, or maybe you do have friends but you always feel yourself pushed to the outer limits of the group. And everyone's always talking about you behind your back, making up all these nasty rumors about you, just because that one summer all your neighbor's dogs 'mysteriously vanished' like you could have possibly had anything to do with that. And then there was the time that you were at Stephanie's house and then the mixtape her boyfriend gave her wouldn't play anymore and now she thinks you did it on purpose so there goes that friendship. If people would just get to know you, they'd see you're not that scary. They'd see you're just a normal human being, just like them, and you totally don't hear secret messages on the radio from distant stars and that creepy mask you have is just for an art project and oh God they brought a camera why do they have a camera no no no no NO NO N?????????????????????????????????O???????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????N????????????????????????????O?????????????????????? ???????????????????????????N???????????????O????????????????????????? ???????????????????N?????????????????????????????????Ò???????????????????????????????? ?????????????????S??????????????????????????????????T????????????????????????????????????????P???????????????????????

Introducing The Enigma:

Inscrutable, mysterious, troubled, weird. The Enigma is a social pariah wrapped in urban legend. You're weird and creepy in a way that just sets other people off. Animals too, sometimes. But beyond the standard teenage bitchiness, you have good reason for keeping others at bay. You've got a dark secret; you see, there really are terrible things out there, darkling creatures that lurk in the woods, under the bed, in spaces that aren't. And, the weirder things get, the more you're pretty sure you're one of them.


Anna, Burton, Indrid, Jay, Leeland, Maia, Penelope, Quade, Tim, Z

An odd-sounding name, a completely plain name, a foreign name, an obviously fake name


hunched, gaunt, pallid, disheveled, off

empty eyes, piercing eyes, deep eyes, dark eyes, shifty eyes


the vengeful dead, demonic presence, from elsewhere, thing that should not be, lost time, wearing a mask


Hot -1 Cold 1 Volatile -1 Dark 1


(At this point I must confess that I have not finished all of The Enigma, though any feedback on what I do have is much appreciated.)

You get this one, and choose one more:

Urban Legend: There is a gruesome, unsettling, horrifying, or just plain creepy rumor going around about either you or the persona you adopt. Detail it. Whenever you act in a way that plays up the legend, add 1 to your roll.
Any time you take an advancement, you may also add, subtract, or change one detail of your Urban Legend.

Wake Up Number 37: You can gaze into the abyss on another character's behalf. You make all the choices but they get the results.

Inscrutable: When you manipulate an NPC with the Condition terrified, roll with Cold.

Always Watching: In any scene in which you are not present, you can roll with Dark. On a 10+, you're suddenly there, with or without an explanation. On a 7-9, you can appear only if you spend a String on someone present.

Re: A New Way To Be Scared
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2013, 05:26:55 PM »
Thought of a new move today.

I Want To Believe: Whenever someone discovers a hidden truth about you, roll with Cold. On a 10+, choose one:

  • Mark experience.
  • Take a String on them.
  • Give them the Condition Terrified.
On a 7-9, you can also choose one from the list above, but also choose one from this list:

  • They gain a String against you.
  • You gain the Condition abomination.
  • You become your Darkest Self.

Re: A New Way To Be Scared
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2013, 07:51:23 AM »
I just have to say, I am so ridiculously into the idea of this skin, I love all the moves so far.  When it gets finished I may have to ditch my werewolf and pick it up.