Who played until level 10? / What's the highest level you reached?

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So, there's a lot of talking about level 10 and a lot of people thinking that to arrive at level 10 it's the end of the game. I never played until reaching level 10, but surely I plan to do it, both as a gm and a player. I always saw level 10 like, sort of the beginning of the game; it's when you obtain more power than you will ever have, and that's like: okay, NOW I will rock this world inside out. Sure, it's the journey that counts, not the destination, but still, going around with a level 10 character should be a heck of fun.

Since I see no poll option on this board, let's just talk: what's the highest level you ever reached? And if it's level 10, do you ever felt like you reached the end of the game? Or maybe, that more levels are needed? Reaching level 10 was maybe too fast or too easy?


PS: I also think that level 10 it's nothing like level 10 in D&D. Or level 20 if that's the matter. I mean, look at this level 9 spell:

Plague Level 9
Name a city, town, encampment, or other place where people live. So long as this spell is ongoing your deity will set plagues appropriate to their domains (locusts, death of the first bord, etc.) upon that place and you take -1 to Cast a Spell.

Sounds pretty epic, uh? And you have fairly good chances to cast it at least 4-5 times with a wisdom of 18 without problem.
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Re: Who played until level 10? / What's the highest level you reached?
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My Players reached level 9 (but they also went through 4 iterations of the XP system!)
For what's it worth, at this 'name' level of BX D&D, DW becomes less viable. The reasons for dungeoneering are less apparent, power and treasure and Dangers are abundant and player options for moves to protagonise these impending dooms are just as excessive.

Its almost as if a new 'level' of game is required, a kingdom level game, a compendium of elite class options. Have no fear, I'm sure Adam and Sage have these smouldering in the background, and until then, I cobbled a few ideas together ages ago, which are basically stolen straight from AW, re-skinned in fantasy tropes.