What is Beneath a More Auspicious Star?

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What is Beneath a More Auspicious Star?
« on: September 02, 2010, 02:06:49 PM »
Beneath a More Auspicious Star (under its current title) is my humble attempt to warp the machinery of Apocalypse World to create something in the vein of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

That is to say, Dynastic China (perverted through the medium of turning men into giants). It will be the game about people who are larger than life shaping the course of history. It will be about Bold Warriors, Sly Strategists, Cunning Courtiers who each in their own way force their own vision onto those around them. (In theory anyway).

It is about an Apocalypse. Maybe not the same kind of Apocalypse that Apocalypse World delivers, or that we may recognise as such, but it is without a doubt set after then end of the world. The Han Dynasty has collapsed and thus Heaven and Earth has been shattered. The game will cover the problems (physical and metaphysical) which arise from a lack of an Emperor.

The game is not about history as it actually happened. It is about creating a new history from the seeds of historical events.

It's something that I'm super excited about - and hopefully something you are too.