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Vincent, I have a question to ask about Hx.

Some time ago we started a session of AW as PBF, 3 of us, and now new player is joining us. The problem is I don't know how to write Hx for him - cause there was a change in Hx rules, I see it in characterbooks, but I don't have new MC playbook yet, only playtestbook (and there is old version of rules).

So, we did it this way, he introduced himself, on his turn he told us -1 (brainer).
So, it's my turn, I play BB, and I wonder - can I give the new player Hx +3, even if I gave it before to someone else?

Old rules in playtest book are:

The new character will need Hx with everybody else and everybody else will need Hx with her.
Here’s how:
• The player introduces her new character.
• She goes through her Hx rules and makes all the requisite decisions.
• Everybody else goes through their Hx rules, rewriting them to binaries as on page 23, and making their requisite decisions. They don’t revisit their Hx with anybody else, they simply decide, binarily, for the new character.
• Sum as normal, and ta da.

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The new rules, regarding new characters are (if Vincent doesn't mind me posting):

• She goes through her Hx rules and makes all the requisite
decisions — it’s her “your turn.”

• Everybody else takes a turn, but just tells her Hx-1 if their
characters aren’t acquainted, Hx+1 if they are.

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I see.

But if he will choose to give me +3, and I will give him +1 cause we know each other, what then?

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Then her Hx with you will be +1 and yours with her +3. The new character's player simply doesn't take actions on "other's turns".

But remember to introduce your characters anyway if it's a new player. Name, look, gender all that.

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I got lost.

So I can add +1 if we know each other, or just decide will it be -1 or +1?

That would be little uncool, cause MC said we all know each other, and it ruins a brainer "bonus" (Tell everyone Hx-1. You keep yourself secret).

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Nah, that's the Brainer's "on your turn". She keeps that bonus.

And yes, you decide whether she gets +1 or -1 with you.

1. The new player makes the character and introduces her. She takes "on your turn" from the Hx section in her playbook. It says: "Tell everyone Hx-1, you keep yourself secret."

2. All you others write her name down on your sheets and write -1 next to it.

3. All you others introduce your characters in turn. If the Brainer character knows your character, tell her +1 (otherwise -1). In turn, she writes all your names down and writes +1 next to them (or -1).

Got it?

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Also, forget my reply #3 my answer was what would happen if you were doing the Hx from scratch. That doesn't happen with the new character rules.

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So, step 3. is my turn, right? I tell him my +1 from BB, and he can replace it with one of the +3?
Thanks for help ;).

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No that's not what I'm saying. We seem to be having a serious communication breakdown. :)

Ok, let me try to explain this one more time. Ignore everything that was said before and just follow these steps.

1. Go around the table, each player takes a turn and introduces their character.
2. When it's your turn, if you have an old character, just tell the new character's player their Hx with you is +1 (if your characters know each other) or -1 (if they don't).
3. When it's the new character's player's turn, he does what it says in his character playbook under "when it's your turn" in the Hx section. In this case, since the new character is a Brainer, the new character gives you all -1 Hx (she keeps herself secret). That's it. You don't make any other adjustments.



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It sounds like I'd better add clarification to those rules.


1. The new player takes her turn, as normal, making choices and telling people whatever her Hx rules say.

The old players follow their own Hx rules, possibly modifying what she tells them. By default, the new character counts as "everyone else," but if somebody has an option they really want to use, it's no harm to let them use it.

2. The old players take their turns. Instead of following their Hx rules, they tell the new player Hx-1 or Hx+1.

The new player follows her Hx rules as normal, possibly modifying what they tell her.


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Vincent saves the day! Thanks.

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Thanks, Vincent! You are so sweet :).