When all you have is a hammer . . .

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When all you have is a hammer . . .
« on: July 29, 2010, 11:20:26 AM »
So I keep waffling in my mind about how I feel about fairly narrowly focused playbooks for this.

At first I was thinking, "Man, a ghost whose only reliable way of interacting with the living world is making the walls bleed and causing cold spots, and getting the cats to freak out would kind of suck to play."

But now I think it sounds like it might be kind of cool.  I kind of like the idea of these characters who have these complex, sometimes subtle goals related to living people and their world, but they only have one technique they can use to go after that goal, and no matter what that technique is, it's never going to enough.

Re: When all you have is a hammer . . .
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Not to mention that gives you some reason to get to know and cooperate with some fellows with saws and screwdrivers :)