[AP] Uni City

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[AP] Uni City
« on: April 02, 2012, 01:16:30 PM »
Hi there.  I've had AW for a few weeks but couldn't find anyone to actually play with.  One day it dawned on me that the rules system would make a perfect device for a fledgling writer.  I just so happen to be a fledgling writer myself so I've been trying it out and posting the results over on my blog. 
--> //storyfriend.wordpress.com/

We have four characters set up in the remnants of my old undergrad college (Uni City, get it?).  I've been "playing" one character at a time as the protagonist (but they can and often do run into the other three "PCs") and writing down notes and rolls of what happens.  Then I prose up the notes and post them. 

Let me know what you think (and feel free to give me pointers/tell me this is a good or terrible idea).