Strange Machines

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Strange Machines
« on: August 02, 2010, 12:10:51 AM »
Here's a thing I've been idly daydreaming about while I wait to play my first session:

I guess this is a custom move or maybe the start of a class:

The Machine

There's a lot of incomprehensible junk lying around in Apocalypse World, and you've managed to get a bit of it running. There's no manual, and no one else has seen anything like it. You keep the thing running with luck and prayers and guesses, but when it's working, it's your baby, and everybody else better look out.

By default, the machine can be moved around with difficulty, fits one or two people inside, and provides one armour when you're inside.

Then choose three:

The machine can fly
The machine can drive real flippin' fast
The machine has armour +2
The machine has a weapon, harm 2, close, loud, reload and choose two of far, auto, area, ...
The machine's weapon has harm +2
The machine can drive through almost any obstacle
The machine can hold 10-15 people

And choose two:

The machine runs on something rare and expensive - pure water, batteries, brains
The machine is finicky and difficult
The machine is flimsy (-1 armour)
The machine can't be moved at all

Choose a name for the machine:
The Beast, Baby, Zephyr, Little Friend, Monster, X, Clarice, The Mule, Ol' Clanky, Brother, The Thing.

Say what the machine looks like and such.

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Re: Strange Machines
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Sounds like an advancement for the Savvyhead? Or just a detailed description of something the 'head might make.

Re: Strange Machines
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Maybe there need to be some more options for what it can do? At the moment it seems designed to be a vehicle most likely, or maybe a gun turret.

How about you add to the list of "things it can do":
- Characters inside the machine get +1 weird.
- The psychic maelstrom cannot reach inside the machine.
- The machine allows you to send a spoken message to someone, no matter how far away they are.
- If a wounded person is in the machine, it will heal them (maybe 1 tick per day?)

Re: Strange Machines
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This puts me in mind of Gamma World. There was this great list of random conveyances, ranging from a simple grav-lifter thing to a Bubble Car. The Bubble Car could travel at supersonic speeds, didn't need to be refueled, could enter vacuum safely, and so on. I like this move.



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Re: Strange Machines
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This makes me happy!

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Mike, good call on it being limiting.

How is this: Choose a move from any playbook. When you're in the machine you can perform this move, but you use +weird to do so.

If this move was the start of a class, the sex move would be: "When you let someone use your machine, it counts as sex"

Oh, also "Drive flippin' fast" might be wrong. It should probably be a two-step thing, like ""Move under its own power" and then "If it can move under its own power, it's really flippin' fast" and "If it can move under its own power, it can fly"

Here are some examples:

Move under its own power, fly, holds 10-15 people, needs helium or hydrogen gas, is finicky and difficult, "Zephyr": It's an airship, with a huge manifold and a hull with veiw-pots and an open deck.

Move under its own power, armour +2, weapon with harm2, close, loud, auto, area, runs on masses of electricity, finicky, "Monster": It's power armour with a built-in weapons system.